I choose to jump

I am standing on the edge of a cliff.

I have two choices; I can either turn back, run away from fear and everything that's unknown or I can jump into the unknown... scared.. and trust that something good will happen soon enough.

I choose to jump.

I choose to let go of the things that I've known for years and years that have never been more than mere distractions from my Savior.

I choose to fall into the arms of my Savior because I know once I reach Him, He'll never let me go.

It's scary to say goodbye to your old life, your old self. Who you used to be can sometimes be your biggest enemy. You remember all the times you had fun and think it'd be cool if you went back to the way you were. Sometimes I miss the people from my old life, but what I see is that I'm remembering the good times and not the bad. Remind yourself that when you start slipping.

That cliff is well worth the jump because God is waiting for you. To turn around and leave as soon you got there isn't worth it all.

You have a choice. You can be scared, because it's okay to be scared. Jesus is for us, not against. He will walk with you through every scary, exhausting, trial you'll experience. We don't have to hide or pretend it's not hard. God knows. As I read in a blog post today, "He is the invisible God who sees our invisible struggles." (You can read the rest here) The things that people might look at you and not see what you're dealing with God knows. He knows each and every one of them and will lead you out. We've got to trust Him.

What's it gonna be? Are you gonna let go today and jump into the oceans of His love and mercy and grace? Or are you going to decide that's it's just too hard to say goodbye to the "fun" sins and die to yourself so you can truly live in Christ and instead choose to hold onto sin until you die? You'll have to make a choice. I pray you choose the Lord because He already chose you. :) Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Seriously! I find it amazing that we go through the same problems sometimes! I'm right there with you, sister! It's hard, but I'm choosing to jump into Gods arms as well. :)


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