A Letter To: the sexually assaulted

Tonight I cried for you.

Not just a simple tear from my eye, but deep, soulful sobs.

I saw what you must go through everyday. I saw how he beats you and forces you to do things you don't want to. I saw how you feel worthless because nobody wanted you. I saw how painful it must've been to have your parents sell you. To sell you?!! They must be crazy.. probably beyond, because they can't see how precious you are. I saw how you placed drugs in your viens because you don't see any worth in your life. Yep, I saw it all.

I thought for a long while. I thought about how I take food and water forgranted. I thought about how blessed I am to not be the in place you are, and then I thought about how I could help. I feel hope for you, though I don't know what the Lord has planned in this yet. My hope is in Him because I know He will get you through this.

I'm praying for you. I don't know your name, I haven't seen your face, but you are a beautiful child of God. Never forget that! You are worth more. Period. I could type out all the reasons why you're worth more and what you're worth more for, but I think you should just remember you are worth something.

I know you probably won't believe me, but that's okay because God will work in you and take care of that, but you have got to let Him. The Father sees you as worthy and beautiful and precious in His sight, so much so that He had His Son die for you on a Cross. He sees your pain just like He saw Jesus' pain and He'll help you through and rise you up, just like He rose up our Savior.

I hope that you read this somehow. I hope you feel hope. I hope it makes a difference because your life makes a difference and until you realize your potential in the Lord you'll never reach your destiny and the life you were meant to live.

I love you, dear sister. Oh, I love you so much! I wish I could take away every pain you've felt because of the violations your body has experienced, but I can't. God, however, can heal the hurt and the pain. It might seem impossible, because for you my dear, it is. But not for God (Luke 1:37). :) God does the impossible every day! Let go. I know it's hard, but let go. Hand it over to Him. Let forgiveness sweep over you and then extend that forgiveness back. The process will be slow and painful, but not as painful as anything you'll go through without the Lord. Be blessed, child of God!

Go to www.theA21campaign.com to see how you can help stop human trafficking. Together, in the Lord, we will make a difference!

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