Monday Reflections

As you know Monday's tend to be one of the craziest days of the week. So in light of that I've decided to have something I call 'Monday Reflections' and it'll just be each Monday giving a thought, prayer, or lesson that I learned over the course of the week/weekend and give you something to ponder throughout the day. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

What if you could only one meal a day? What if that's all you were given?

Let's say you were walking to your favorite restaurant to get your meal for that day and passed a homeless person... would you give up your meal for that person or feel some form of compassion for them and then walk by not caring that they are starving to death?

I've done that many times. Maybe not exactly like that, but I've seen a need I could meet but would require me giving something up or moving out of my comfort zone so I chose to look the other way. I'm not doing that anymore. I'm going to give up all I have not only for Christ, but for my brothers and sisters; so that I can share the love of Christ with everyone no matter how big or small an action might be. After all, God gave it to me first so in actuality it's already His.

What about you? Are you willing to give up the things you like or love most so others can know the love of Christ?

“And the King will answer them, ‘I assure you: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me." - Matthew 25:40


This generation...

This week I've been fasting social media sites... that's been kinda weird since I'm so into talking with people, sharing thoughts and the love of Christ through that. Anyways, I've been fasting to pray for our generation and nation. If I don't write this post now, I'll completely forget and never write about what God has placed on my heart (darn that short term memory loss! ;) haha!) sooo I'm writing it now...

This generation. My generation is a lot different from the past few. Well, I guess you can say that when each new generation comes around, but this is too true for this one. This generation does not want to be lied to. All all. Everyone wants the truth laid bare before them. Black and white. Plain and simple. I love that about my generation!

This generation can sniff out a lie a mile away. They want people to be real, "Tell it like it is". I want that too. So does Jesus! "I am the way, the truth, and the life no one comes to the Father except through Me." - John 14:6 (italics mine) What I find really sad about this generation is that the truth is a lot of times right around them, but they can't see it. The truth is Jesus Christ yet because the world makes everything blended together and says there isn't really a 'right' or a 'wrong', just different paths chosen, everyone seems to be confused.

This past week I heard that a senior in a high school near me committed suicide. I wonder how much pain he must have been going through. I wonder what made him actually go through with ending his life. I wonder if he never had the chance to know the Lord. I wonder if he knew the Lord, but because of the church he went to, he decided it wasn't worth it and left.

I know of another person who committed suicide last year. We were really close when we were younger and then lost contact. We got back in contact with each other just a couple weeks before he died. I've spent many, many times replaying those few sentences uttered and wondering what I could've said to have helped him... to have led him to the God who takes away the pain. God has a reason behind everything that happens so I trust He knows what He's doing always. Yet even in my trust and faith in Him I'll never understand why He gives us choices to make and allows us to choose whichever path we want, even if it's the wrong one.

If you're a Christian, do other people know it? Can they see it? Does your life display God's grace and love and truth? or does your life display lies, gossip, hatred, unforgiveness, etc.?

Christians: we need to stop being so fake. I don't know about you, but I hate being lied to. I don't like someone sugar-coating life. Tell me how it is. Let me see your struggles and failures. Let me know that everything is not always great and that life will get you down sometimes, but that we serve a God who is greater than any circumstance we go through!

We don't have sin problems, we have problems of the heart. We have brokenness that needs healing. We have lies that need truth. We need someone to set us free. You know what? There is Someone who has made it possible for you to be free! How do I know? My entire life has been set free! Jesus Christ made the way! He replaced my filthy excuse for a life with a beautiful, powerful, purposeful life. It's not easy. In fact, it's a lot harder now than it was before, BUT and this is a big but, Jesus makes it all worth it. Every night this week I've been burdened with a heavy heart or worries or whatever and every night I cry out to God. And guess what? Every single night I know I am heard and I am wrapped in this unbelievable love. It's awesome. Truly, truly awesome.

I don't know where you are or what you're going through, but let me tell you that the truth you are seeking... the love you are seeking, the pain you want to go away and the life you really want to live is not very far from you. Jesus is all around and He's waiting on you. Jesus is waiting for you to step closer to Him and allow Him to be your everything. Let go. Stop holding on so tightly to a life of hopelessness and doubt and fear just because you're scared of what might happen if you let go. I was scared too and the Lord has taken away every fear I had and replaced it with His promises. It's a process. He'll do the same for you if you would just open up and let Him in. If you're not sure about it all, send me a message at notperfectonlyforgiven@gmail.com. I would love to answer any questions you have.

You're not ugly or hopeless or stupid. God has great plans for you! Let Him take hold of your life. He loves you! Have a great weekend!

To Be Perfectly Honest {Book Review}

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this book. It had a cover that was eye-grabbing but not really my style (I tend to go for more BOOM! in your face covers, not... black, white, and yellow. ;), but this book is not what it seems.

So this guy, Phil Callaway, decides to take a truth vow for a year. If you're like me, you may not tell out in out lies every day, but the "little white lies" tend to be something you do on a regular basis, so just the thought of going one whole year without lying was very intriguing. I decided to read the book and can I just say that it has been really hard to put it down!

Phil is so honest. I love people who are honest... and real! He is both. He tells you exactly what he thinks, what his struggles were during the process, and how his life had subtle changes throughout. He shares at the end of each chapter something he learned and every single one of them was very profound and left me thinking.

I laughed pretty much throughout the whole book and was still left with some food for thought. This book is perfect for anybody who has a sense of humor, likes to laugh, and enjoys a challenge. I was left with a smile on my face and a desire to be more honest each day.

Note: this book was given to me for free by WaterBrook Multnomah for reviewing purposes.


Telling The Old Me Goodbye

I can't live a life like the world anymore.
I can't tell myself it's okay, when I know it's not.
I can't pretend to be ignorant, when the Lord knows I'm not.
I can't say it's okay, when it's anything but.
I can't make excuses when it comes between Us.

Me and God, forever and always.
But what if I'm living against His wishes?
What if I'm living as I please?

I can't do this.
What can't I do? Really anything, but choose
to live according to God's ways because living life my way is like taking a highway
straight to Hell.

This is no joke.
There is only one life to live.
I don't want to look back with regrets.

So, I'm letting go. Over and over and over again.
I'll get 10 different accountability partners if that's what it takes,
to help me stay on the path that leads to His holy face.

I'll pray all day, on my face because there ain't no sacrifice that is too great.

My God, my Father, I have sinned against You.
I want to take it back, but I lack the power to do so.
So I'm crying at Your feet, aware of the old me,
that I thought had died, but I revived
the way I was living so I could please me.
I'm done. Not with You, but with my old self.
The flesh is killing, but the Spirit, He heals.
I need Your healing power to take down all these idols.
I need a Holy Spirit, righteous living, flesh and demon killing revival.

Take all of Me, God. It's the cry of my heart.
And when I try to take things back, put me at the start
of righteous living, going through the basics of living for You
because at the end of my life I want to know I pleased You.
Because at the end of my life I don't want to hear,
"Depart from Me, I never knew you.", no that would be the worst day ever.
I want to hear, "Well done My good and faithful servant."

I'm Your slave, for the rest of my days, and when I fall,
lift me up.
Into Your arms I crawl, to live for You forever. Amen.


The "Perfect" Christian?

I'm afraid people have got the wrong perception of me (and other Christians) so in order to keep it real with you guys, I'm gonna be... well, real! ;) Hope you enjoy!

I am not the perfect Christian. I am far from it. By far, I mean faaar. There are many areas in my life that need a ton of work, but thankfully God's got that taken care of. :)

I don't always obey God. I know! Shocking, right? No? Well, good because while I really want to please the Savior in all I do, there are times when I choose my selfish way(s) rather than His way of living.

I don't love everybody. This saddens me while just typing it, but sadly, it's the truth. There are people who driving me completely crazy! There are people who I am short with, lash out at, give silent treatment, or stay away from all together because they get up my skin. This is another thing that God is slowly transforming in my life. Helping me love like Him.

I'm not always kind. Yes, I know that love is kind, but unfortunately sometimes my life doesn't display that. I want it to! Oh man, I want it to soo bad, but I've found that even after a short prayer of asking God for help, I still fail. I don't listen to His voice as much as I need to. Thank God for His forgiveness! He is so faithful and patient!

Those are just a few areas that I struggle in daily, but there are many others. My point: I'm not perfect, but God is making me more like Him each day. As I walk with Him daily and submit to Him, He takes my hand and helps me up, so I can live according to His standards.

Now, so God gets the glory for all this I want to share a few areas God has helped me through! :)

Anger. I was probably one of the most angry people you would've met before I got saved. I'm not entirely sure where the anger came from but I was angry all the time at everyone. After I accepted the Lord, He placed such love in my heart and life that that angry person was just gone. I mean, yeah, I did have slip-ups, but seriously God took all of my anger and changed it to love! All by His hand!

Unhappiness. Before I met the Lord I was also extremely unhappy (which just goes with anger problems). I was really only happy when I ate food and listened to music (for real, that's the truth). Then, as I started getting to know the Lord, He started giving me joy that I cannot tell you how amazing it is! There are days when I'm so tired and frustrated and God just totally sweeps me off my feet and brings me this unexplainable peace and joy. Ahh, He's the best Lover ever!! <3

Discontent. I was more discontent than you know. I couldn't wait for... a boyfriend, a newer house, a better school, cooler friends, skinnier me, to be older, to be wiser, to be ... you get the point! As I get to know the Lord more each day I become more content in Him. I become more happy in who He made me to be. It's a work in progress, but He's working and I'm walking forward with Him.

Trust Him. Absolutely nothing is too hard for Him! You think you can't be a follower of God because you've messed up too much? Ummm, hello! We ALL have! (Romans 3:23) Lay your past at the feet of the Savior and trust your present and future to Him. He's got you!


Soaking Him Up

God, I can't do this. I can't! I don't know what to do anymore and my hope is slowly dying. I thought I was doing well, that I had finally gotten past all this. I haven't. Please, help me, Lord. Please, help me!'

Those were the words I prayed a few nights ago. While sobbing to myself. I have experienced hurt and pain before, but realizing how I've hurt my Savior so many times before was a huge punch in the face.

I lack discipline. I'll be the first person to tell you that and up until this weekend it really hasn't bothered me too much. I've used the exuse, "That's just the way I am!" soo many times! Sound familiar? I'm asking the Lord to help me be more disciplined in every area of my life. I'll update you on the results when they start coming.

So anyways, after sitting in my room, with teardrops all over my pajamas and the floor, I opened up the Word. I can't tell you exactly where I opened it or what I read, but I know I only read one verse. What I read touched my heart. What I read hit in me in the soul- right where I needed it. Then, my God spoke to me,

"Daughter, you complain to Me about how you want to know Me more, but what effort are you really making? Yes, you spend time in my Word, but why don't you s-l-o-w down and soak up My words and promises to you? You'll find Me when you seek Me with ALL your heart. Let go and start seeking."

Boom! You know I've read through the Bible several times (that is not meant to impress you, just to clarify) and I've never stopped to really think and meditate on His promises to those who follow Him. I've heard many times that God will wipe away every tear from our eyes when we get to Heaven, but I've never thought about what that means and how it shows His character. I've heard that He hears those who call out to Him out of a pure heart, but I'm gonna be completely honest and let you know that there have been many times that I prayed and didn't think He could hear me.

This week, I'm soaking Him up. I'm reading His Word not to "get it over with", which has been my attitude before (sadly) or reading through it and then putting it out of my mind almost immediately after (I have a bad habit of doing that). No, this week I'm going to cling to His promises and really think about them and trust in Him. Will you join me? We only have one life. Let's not live it focusing on worthless things, but rather with our eyes on God, seeking His face. Have a blessed Monday! <3


Its Okay To Be Broken

Idols. They are all around me. I think I'm going crazy. Probably. Who knows... oh that's right, God knows. Any who...

So the past 2 and a half weeks I've been going this thing called 'The Lord's Table' course. It's sooo good! If you want to join in you can go here.

As I've said many times before I've struggled with food my entire life. I've known sorta kinda known that it might be an idol, but I never really considered any further. I mean, look around your church. Everybody seems to be a little bit overweight, even your pastor and nobody really talks about how gluttony is a sin. Well, when I started the course my initial thoughts were, 'This will be good. I'll get closer to Jesus, make Him happy by eating to glorify Him, and I'll lose weight in the process.' Then, God broke me.

I've stayed broken too. God can only build us up once we've allowed Him to break us completely.

As I've been in my brokenness, crying out to God, He has shown me many things in my life that have become idols. They might not have started out that way, but eventually became an idol for me. Food of course was a big one, but I hadn't realized how I'd allowed the television, music, websites, and even people to become idols. What is an idol? Anything you put before God. Plain and simple. Anything you delight in before God, is an idol. Anything you run to before God, is an idol. Get the point?

In Psalm 51:16-17 it says, "You do not want a sacrifice, or I would give it; You are not pleased with a burnt offering. The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. God, You will not despise a broken and humbled heart."

Why does God not want your sacrifice? I thought about that yesterday and someone much wiser helped me out. You can give a sacrifice to the Lord without your heart being a part of it. See what I'm saying? You can say, "Here, Lord, take this." and it mean nothing. But to lay down your life before Him and say, "God, I'm broken and weak. I'm not as strong as I thought I was and all these idols and things are pulling me down. Take all of me. Every inch. I want nothing left behind, but for You to have all of me." that shows your broken before Him and that pleases Him because it's genuine.

It's okay to be broken.

I'm not gonna lie to you. These past few weeks have some of the best and worst days of my life. It's painful. I don't want to displease the Lord so I press on, but to say it hasn't crossed my mind to go back to my old ways would so be a lie. I'm asking the Lord to let my love for Him and His love for me override my selfish desires for sin. My love for food was big. Laugh all you want, roll your eyes all you want, but it's not easy to eat only when you're hungry and only until you're full when you've eaten to fill a void in your heart all your life. That's really the problem, I've been replacing the Lord and the joy and life and satisfaction only He can offer with food, tv, material stuff that will never satisfy.

Maybe you've been doing the same thing. You've allowed all these things to become your delight and now you want God to be your all. Simply tell Him. That's what I did and HE has been doing the rest. He has broken me and left me in awe of Him all at the same time. It's amazing. No, my God is amazing!!

Watch the video below. It's a beautiful song that will touch your heart and make you think. Let God break you and as He does, remember it's okay to be broken because in His arms, He remakes us. <3


The Lies About Sin

This has been on my heart to talk about for a while. Please read the whole thing with an open mind and heart before you start writing it off. Thanks!

Up until this year, I don't know how to describe my relationship with the Lord. I mean, I accepted Him as Savior, but nobody told me (and I didn't investigate) that I had to give everything over to Him. I didn't grasp that really up until this year.

I've read the blogs, heard the messages, read the books, that basically tell you that if you struggle with sin, it's cool because Jesus died for you and God forgives you. I believed that for so long. That as long as I tried with part of my heart to please the Lord, that was good enough and the rest of my heart could do what it wanted. That doesn't work. At all.

So this past month or so I've been constantly focusing on making sure that whatever I'm doing, it's glorifying to God. Sounds so easy, but you have no idea how much grace I need each day... well you probably do, but that's beside the point.

I need His grace.

I'll never be perfect and despite my best efforts (and I do mean best), I'll never in my entire life be able to earn His love or grace. I'm really thankful He doesn't ask me to.

I thought I was playing God. I thought I had Him fooled. The thought would cross my mind, 'You really need to stop this. If you don't, do you really think you're going to spend eternity with Him?' and I would get upset only for a moment though, because the enemy (Satan) would quickly swish in and remind me of a nice verse about God's love for me. (Yeah just FYI if Scripture is being used to lure you into sin, it's not coming from the Lord, it's coming from Satan.) Been there before? Yeah, it stinks.

Jesus said in Luke 9:23, "If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me."

Those are the terms that we follow Christ by. Not ours, His. He said we have to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily. That concept has been lost in our world. Nobody, even in our churches, talks about the denying part too often. They don't talk about how surrendering to Jesus is not just a one time thing but an every single day of your life choice. It's all about grace, but grace is supposed to change you. His love is supposed to change you. I would say if you haven't changed radically since you met Christ, you probably haven't truly met Him. We think we shouldn't do the "really bad" sins like have sex before we're married or cuss, but Jesus wants ALL of our sins laid down at His feet and for us to leave it there. Don't go pick it back up. That's like having a glass of clear, pure water before you, but because you've always had not as clear, not so pure water you refuse to drink it.

I need His grace.

More than that, I need His life. If my way of living worked, I wouldn't seek something more. I wouldn't seek to be satisfied by something greater. Same goes for you. Are you saying you don't seek something greater or more? Dear one, God did not make you to survive through life, He made you to live an abundant life in Him!! And that abundant life is only found in Him so if you go seeking it somewhere else, I'm telling you now that you will not find it.

Sin is not okay. Sin is NOT okay. It's not. Brushing it off as if it's no big deal is just plain stupid. Sure, in human eyes it might not be a big deal, but humans opinions don't matter. God's opinion matters first and foremost and He says that sin is not okay. He said that over and over in the Old Testament and as I continue reading through the Old Testament I see that the main theme of it is God's holiness. He is so holy and His holiness cannot be muddied up by our sin. So, He sent Jesus. He made the atonement. If you tell me that sin is okay, you're basically saying that Jesus died in vain; for nothing. When I know He didn't, I'm telling you, you're wrong. Not because I want to argue, but because I don't want you to fall for the traps of the enemy like I have in the past.

I pray God helps me hate sin as much as He does and that it will push me further to love Him greatly and honor Him in all I do and then to love other people with the same great love that He saved me with. I'm praying the same for you too! Don't fall for Satan's lies. He'll tell you that it's not a big deal, but we cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24) and the devil definitely knows that. You can't pursue God and not take up the life He has given. It doesn't work. Trust me, I know. As I continue to press forward and take up the life He has given to me, I find myself more in love with Him and my desire to please Him is even greater. I find satisfaction growing within my unsatisfied soul because truly my satisfaction can only be found in Him. Yes, I fall daily, but this time, I'm not trying to sin or accept sin in my life, I'm striving to be like Him.


The Cross

Pretty little crosses everywhere. Around our necks, on our shirts, hanging on the walls... but this is not the way it looked almost 2,000 years ago.

It was not pretty or small.

It was gruesome. A man who was fully man and fully God, chose to walk by Himself to a completely unthinkable death, for something He never did.

Jesus. Wow. He.. He is amazing. No, He is beyond amazing.

I've been completely convicted this past week. I've believed so many lies. What lies? I've heard many people talk about sin as if it's "not a big deal" when it so is. If sin is not a big deal then Christ died in vain. For nothing. No, sin is a huge deal! Jesus Christ made it possible for us to come to the Father because He died for our sins. If He hadn't done that we still wouldn't have this open door to the Father, to be able to talk to Him and worship Him and glorify Him.

Sin is ugly. God is holy and He cannot be anything other than who He is. Holiness and sin don't mix and God knew/knows that. Jesus came in, took up our filth, and nailed it all to the Cross. I cannot even begin to explain to you how truly awesome that is! You can lay all your sins; past, present, and future, at the feet of Jesus and it will stay there! Why? Because Jesus, though He was sinless, chose to take the Cross and pay the price. Sin is paid in full. That makes me want to praise the Lord all the more!

The Cross is a daily revelation. Something that is revealed piece by piece as our hard hearts are made whole.

So my reminder to you is not only to remember God's love for you and His grace because of Jesus' sacrifice, but to also remember that grace is supposed to change your heart and help you turn back to the Lord. If you're still sinning and just using God's grace as a means to do what you please (I've been there so not condemning you.) I'd suggest you to sit down with the Lord and ask Him to break your heart for what breaks His (and sin is definitely on that list) and ask Him to help you truly follow Him. He'll answer!

Jesus, thank You for Your sacrifice on the Cross so that I can spend this day not in filth and ugliness, but clothed in Your righteousness. I thank You that this day is only good because You rose again and paid the full penalty of my sin. May we turn our hearts and lives over to You on a daily basis and die to ourselves so that we might live fully and truly in You. I love you, Lord!!

"And they will mock Him, spit on Him, flog Him, and kill Him, and He will rise after three days.” - Mark 10:34


The Problem With Casual Dating


Woo! This topic is cray cray! Everyone has a different opinion on it. I'm about to share mine. Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion (please be respectful).

Just for the record, I'm not against dating per se. I think what Jeff Bethke said is very true, "Dating is supposed to be an awesome cycle of a guy pursuing and a girl responding." Yes! That's how it should be! (and girls, it should be the GUY pursuing, not you.) However, I am against what the world has made dating into.

From a very young age we're taught how to impress the opposite sex. The importance of finding "the one" is placed into our minds as children. As soon are you get past the awkward pre-teen stage, the questions start coming! "Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?" "So, are you seeing anybody?" "Found a good one yet?" Everybody makes it seem like if you don't have somebody you're a nobody and have no value.

So the problem starts. You get a guy or a girl, you break up. You find someone else, you break up. You continue going through this until you get to the age you'd like to be married and then you get married.

The problem with casual dating, going from one person to another and another is that we're seeking satisfaction and fulfillment from something that won't fill us up.

We were made for God first and foremost. True, He did say it was not good for man to be alone, but do remember that there was ONE Eve, not 20 for Adam to pick and choose from.

I've heard people use the excuse, "I don't mean to date around, I'm just trying to figure out what I like and don't like. What I want and don't want." So you're using a person who has a heart and soul just like you, and discarding them when they aren't exactly what you want? Okay, that sounds really messed up. Maybe that's because it is really messed up. I don't need to date around to know that I don't want an abusive boyfriend or husband.

We need to get down to the core of the problem. Why are you dating? What is the reason behind it? Is it because you want to get rid of feeling lonely? Is it because if you're not with someone you feel like something isn't right? Is it because the world says you need to be dating somebody and if you're not than something must be wrong with you?

We need to turn to the Lord. We need to seek Him first. God first, everything else second. We need Him to be at the very center of our lives before we go and share our life with somebody.

People might say that casually dating is "not a big deal", but it actually is because you can't date someone and not share a part of yourself with them. Thinking ahead though, wouldn't you want to tell your future husband or wife that you guarded your heart and didn't give away anything that was to be theirs one day? That sounds wonderful to me.

If you're struggling with dating or going from person to person, know that you can turn to the Lord and ask Him for help and He'll hear you and answer! :) Know that there is freedom and forgiveness in His arms. That loneliness you're trying to fill, He promises to fill you up. He's the living water that will never make us thirst again. Let God fill your heart and soul up first, then, trust Him that He'll fulfill your desire (Psalm 37:4) to be married one day. Give Him your all! Delight in Him! Have a blessed day!

Fierce Beauty {Book Review}

I've been looking for some books that have a little depth, but also tell a story. You know, the ones that you simply can't put down because it's just that good. Well, I found one!

Kim Meeder... oh my! I want to meet this woman! She writes so beautifully but more than that she tells a wonderful story of how our King revealed Himself to her in many, many ways. Some of the stories are ordinary, some are extraordinary, all are beautiful.

I've found while reading this book that God has shown me His great love for me and His faithfulness. He has shown me that He doesn't want me living in a gold bird cage (if you read the book you'll know what I'm talking about;) and that He wants me to have freedom. In fact, He has shown me I do have freedom but have rather chosen not to accept it.

This book will probably make you laugh here and there (I know I sure did) and it will probably hit you in the gut a time or two (yep, been there, done that!) but it will definitely touch your heart and draw you closer to our Lord. I really encourage you to read this book! Blessings!


What Makes You Beautiful

'I just want to be beautiful.'

I remember thinking that every single day for years. I was too fat, too ugly, too this, too that. I hated myself.

Fast forward a few years, I don't look as rough (Yay! ;) ), I wear makeup only when I feel I need to, my clothes must always be cute in my opinion, and if you ask my closest friends they'll say I look put together most of the time.

My beauty does not come from my outward appearance.

Period. Neither does yours.

Ask yourself a question, what makes you beautiful?

Is it your long red hair? Your gorgeous blue eyes? Your "too fit to quit" body? (If you're wondering.. I totally made up that 'too fit to quit' thing.. you could tell? Ohhh... haha! ^_^)

Whatever your answer is, your physical appearance doesn't make you beautiful.

I believed that lie for so long. I'm just now (as in the last week) realizing that what makes me beautiful is my surrendered life to God. My soul that seeks Him day and night.

When I place my value in anything that is physical; things that will pass away, that's me placing an idol before my God. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup or wanting cute clothes or looking nice, but do you crave these things and want these things more than you want God? Seriously, think about it. Boom. Totally convicted.

Used to on Sunday mornings, when I was getting ready for church, I would do a 15 minute devo and then spend an hour and a half doing my hair, putting on makeup, making sure my outfit is "just right". I wasn't even preparing my heart for what God was going to do! I was preparing mySELF so OTHERS could look at me and marvel. My focus was not on God's glory, but on my own.

Your soul is what makes you beautiful. Your heart is what makes you beautiful. God finds you precious in His sight and let me tell you that it has nothing to do with your hair, makeup, shoes, outfit, or whatever.

I was seeking satisfaction in those things that will NEVER satisfy me. God will satisfy me and He is, every single day. He is my portion. I finally know what that means!

My challenge for you today and for the rest of this week is.... when you're getting ready to go somewhere ask God to prepare your heart to seek something more than just compliments. Ask Him to help you seek His glory in everything you do. Let that be your aim. We were made by Him for Him. When I'm putting on makeup or getting dressed I now pray that God will help me to seek His glory in everything I do that day. That I will be more focused on the needs of others than myself. I ask Him to let me look for opportunities to share Him and His love with somebody. Guys, just because I'm talking mostly to the ladies does not mean you're off the hook. Seek God's glory in all you do as well! We are His!! Happy Monday y'all! <3