The Cross

Pretty little crosses everywhere. Around our necks, on our shirts, hanging on the walls... but this is not the way it looked almost 2,000 years ago.

It was not pretty or small.

It was gruesome. A man who was fully man and fully God, chose to walk by Himself to a completely unthinkable death, for something He never did.

Jesus. Wow. He.. He is amazing. No, He is beyond amazing.

I've been completely convicted this past week. I've believed so many lies. What lies? I've heard many people talk about sin as if it's "not a big deal" when it so is. If sin is not a big deal then Christ died in vain. For nothing. No, sin is a huge deal! Jesus Christ made it possible for us to come to the Father because He died for our sins. If He hadn't done that we still wouldn't have this open door to the Father, to be able to talk to Him and worship Him and glorify Him.

Sin is ugly. God is holy and He cannot be anything other than who He is. Holiness and sin don't mix and God knew/knows that. Jesus came in, took up our filth, and nailed it all to the Cross. I cannot even begin to explain to you how truly awesome that is! You can lay all your sins; past, present, and future, at the feet of Jesus and it will stay there! Why? Because Jesus, though He was sinless, chose to take the Cross and pay the price. Sin is paid in full. That makes me want to praise the Lord all the more!

The Cross is a daily revelation. Something that is revealed piece by piece as our hard hearts are made whole.

So my reminder to you is not only to remember God's love for you and His grace because of Jesus' sacrifice, but to also remember that grace is supposed to change your heart and help you turn back to the Lord. If you're still sinning and just using God's grace as a means to do what you please (I've been there so not condemning you.) I'd suggest you to sit down with the Lord and ask Him to break your heart for what breaks His (and sin is definitely on that list) and ask Him to help you truly follow Him. He'll answer!

Jesus, thank You for Your sacrifice on the Cross so that I can spend this day not in filth and ugliness, but clothed in Your righteousness. I thank You that this day is only good because You rose again and paid the full penalty of my sin. May we turn our hearts and lives over to You on a daily basis and die to ourselves so that we might live fully and truly in You. I love you, Lord!!

"And they will mock Him, spit on Him, flog Him, and kill Him, and He will rise after three days.” - Mark 10:34

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