Fierce Beauty {Book Review}

I've been looking for some books that have a little depth, but also tell a story. You know, the ones that you simply can't put down because it's just that good. Well, I found one!

Kim Meeder... oh my! I want to meet this woman! She writes so beautifully but more than that she tells a wonderful story of how our King revealed Himself to her in many, many ways. Some of the stories are ordinary, some are extraordinary, all are beautiful.

I've found while reading this book that God has shown me His great love for me and His faithfulness. He has shown me that He doesn't want me living in a gold bird cage (if you read the book you'll know what I'm talking about;) and that He wants me to have freedom. In fact, He has shown me I do have freedom but have rather chosen not to accept it.

This book will probably make you laugh here and there (I know I sure did) and it will probably hit you in the gut a time or two (yep, been there, done that!) but it will definitely touch your heart and draw you closer to our Lord. I really encourage you to read this book! Blessings!

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