The "Perfect" Christian?

I'm afraid people have got the wrong perception of me (and other Christians) so in order to keep it real with you guys, I'm gonna be... well, real! ;) Hope you enjoy!

I am not the perfect Christian. I am far from it. By far, I mean faaar. There are many areas in my life that need a ton of work, but thankfully God's got that taken care of. :)

I don't always obey God. I know! Shocking, right? No? Well, good because while I really want to please the Savior in all I do, there are times when I choose my selfish way(s) rather than His way of living.

I don't love everybody. This saddens me while just typing it, but sadly, it's the truth. There are people who driving me completely crazy! There are people who I am short with, lash out at, give silent treatment, or stay away from all together because they get up my skin. This is another thing that God is slowly transforming in my life. Helping me love like Him.

I'm not always kind. Yes, I know that love is kind, but unfortunately sometimes my life doesn't display that. I want it to! Oh man, I want it to soo bad, but I've found that even after a short prayer of asking God for help, I still fail. I don't listen to His voice as much as I need to. Thank God for His forgiveness! He is so faithful and patient!

Those are just a few areas that I struggle in daily, but there are many others. My point: I'm not perfect, but God is making me more like Him each day. As I walk with Him daily and submit to Him, He takes my hand and helps me up, so I can live according to His standards.

Now, so God gets the glory for all this I want to share a few areas God has helped me through! :)

Anger. I was probably one of the most angry people you would've met before I got saved. I'm not entirely sure where the anger came from but I was angry all the time at everyone. After I accepted the Lord, He placed such love in my heart and life that that angry person was just gone. I mean, yeah, I did have slip-ups, but seriously God took all of my anger and changed it to love! All by His hand!

Unhappiness. Before I met the Lord I was also extremely unhappy (which just goes with anger problems). I was really only happy when I ate food and listened to music (for real, that's the truth). Then, as I started getting to know the Lord, He started giving me joy that I cannot tell you how amazing it is! There are days when I'm so tired and frustrated and God just totally sweeps me off my feet and brings me this unexplainable peace and joy. Ahh, He's the best Lover ever!! <3

Discontent. I was more discontent than you know. I couldn't wait for... a boyfriend, a newer house, a better school, cooler friends, skinnier me, to be older, to be wiser, to be ... you get the point! As I get to know the Lord more each day I become more content in Him. I become more happy in who He made me to be. It's a work in progress, but He's working and I'm walking forward with Him.

Trust Him. Absolutely nothing is too hard for Him! You think you can't be a follower of God because you've messed up too much? Ummm, hello! We ALL have! (Romans 3:23) Lay your past at the feet of the Savior and trust your present and future to Him. He's got you!

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