What Makes You Beautiful

'I just want to be beautiful.'

I remember thinking that every single day for years. I was too fat, too ugly, too this, too that. I hated myself.

Fast forward a few years, I don't look as rough (Yay! ;) ), I wear makeup only when I feel I need to, my clothes must always be cute in my opinion, and if you ask my closest friends they'll say I look put together most of the time.

My beauty does not come from my outward appearance.

Period. Neither does yours.

Ask yourself a question, what makes you beautiful?

Is it your long red hair? Your gorgeous blue eyes? Your "too fit to quit" body? (If you're wondering.. I totally made up that 'too fit to quit' thing.. you could tell? Ohhh... haha! ^_^)

Whatever your answer is, your physical appearance doesn't make you beautiful.

I believed that lie for so long. I'm just now (as in the last week) realizing that what makes me beautiful is my surrendered life to God. My soul that seeks Him day and night.

When I place my value in anything that is physical; things that will pass away, that's me placing an idol before my God. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup or wanting cute clothes or looking nice, but do you crave these things and want these things more than you want God? Seriously, think about it. Boom. Totally convicted.

Used to on Sunday mornings, when I was getting ready for church, I would do a 15 minute devo and then spend an hour and a half doing my hair, putting on makeup, making sure my outfit is "just right". I wasn't even preparing my heart for what God was going to do! I was preparing mySELF so OTHERS could look at me and marvel. My focus was not on God's glory, but on my own.

Your soul is what makes you beautiful. Your heart is what makes you beautiful. God finds you precious in His sight and let me tell you that it has nothing to do with your hair, makeup, shoes, outfit, or whatever.

I was seeking satisfaction in those things that will NEVER satisfy me. God will satisfy me and He is, every single day. He is my portion. I finally know what that means!

My challenge for you today and for the rest of this week is.... when you're getting ready to go somewhere ask God to prepare your heart to seek something more than just compliments. Ask Him to help you seek His glory in everything you do. Let that be your aim. We were made by Him for Him. When I'm putting on makeup or getting dressed I now pray that God will help me to seek His glory in everything I do that day. That I will be more focused on the needs of others than myself. I ask Him to let me look for opportunities to share Him and His love with somebody. Guys, just because I'm talking mostly to the ladies does not mean you're off the hook. Seek God's glory in all you do as well! We are His!! Happy Monday y'all! <3

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