Monday Reflections: The Salamander Story

Okay I have a funny story (up for debate! :P ) that has a deeper meaning to share with you guys for 'Monday Reflections'. Hope you laugh a little and are left with some food for thought. :)

So a couple weeks ago the craziest thing happened. My sister left the door opened and as my dog walked past the chair I was sitting in, she lunged. I jumped (I thought my dog was trying to attack me!) and hear my sis say, "Oh my gosh! There's a lizard in the house!"... ummm.. say what?! So like a ninja, I stand on top of my chair and jump as far away from this thing as possible because well... lizards are gross when they're in my house {otherwise I find them kinda cute and entertaining... don't judge me. ;) }.

So after I get up I see the thing and it's actually a salamander. My mom hands me a broom and I try to sweep the thing out the door, but no. He would not have any part of it. He came back inside and went behind the door where I couldn't reach him. After two hours of attempting to get it out of the house (it would have actually been quite hysterical if I didn't live with someone who is completely afraid of reptiles) my entire family got together and finally got it out of the house. I was very emotional afterwards and it went a little something like this,

"Thank You, God! Oh my! Thank You!"

 *tears start to come down my face*

"Thank You, sweet Jesus!! Please never let that happen again!"

After I got my heart back under control (haha!), and reflected on the event (what an event it was! lol!), it reminded me that sometimes that's how sin is in our lives. It's like we don't want the sin in our lives anymore, but we don't really know the best way to get it out of our lives and the more we attempt to rid ourselves of the sin, the stronger it is in our lives.

I tried for so long to get different sins out of my life and guess what? Oh my own, I never could. No matter how "good" I seemed to be, nothing worked. As soon as I came to realize that I seriously couldn't rid my life of sin God began to do a work in me. He helped me to repent of these sins and surrender to Him. He helped me let go and trust Him. He gave me a desire and passion and love for what He loves and for living in obedience to Him and once that started I began to experience freedom!

What I want you to remember today is that God has got you in His hands but until you realize that on your own you can't do anything, you won't be set free from anything. God gives us over to our own devices (or sins) for a while to help us see that on our own we cannot do it. That's His love and grace talking. Surrender and let Him do the rest. His job is to perfect us because He is perfect. That's not your job.

So what "salamanders" do you need out of your life? Tell God and let Him have His way. He'll never leave you or forsake you!

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  1. I think salamanders are cute.


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