God has been absolutely blowing me up recently and lemme tell you it's both amazing and hard at the same time!

How do you think God wants you to follow Him? Don't breeze through this question. Seriously, ask yourself and be totally honest. Now, does your life match up with His will and ways or your own?

I believe God wants us all to rely fully on Him. In fact, Jesus tells us that. What kind of faith can you have when you rely on yourself all the time and never the holy Father? Not much faith at all. If you're afraid of everything and can't get little worries (or big ones!) out of your mind then it sounds like you have no faith in God or at least, very little. I know this because I've been there!

The problem with Christians today is everyone is so afraid of everything (I include myself in this). Afraid of people and their opinions, afraid of rejection, afraid of being left out, afraid of doing things that make us uncomfortable (can I get an amen!?!?), afraid of going out of the "norm" and having people think you're crazy or weird, as well as many other things.

"Perfect love casts out fear." - 1 John 4:18 Until we really get deeper with the Lord and start letting His love change us and dwell so deeply in us that everything we do is done out of love for Him and glorifying Him, we will never experience all that God created us to.

Following Jesus means taking the radical approach.

I know, definitely not what anyone wants to hear, but once we see all we can have in our relationship with the Lord and start seeing the "impossible" becoming possible we will see how truly worth it following Christ radically is. I mean, can you really follow Jesus half-hearted and say that in HIS eyes you're really following Him? Let's stop looking to pastors, insightful authors, motivational preachers, or whoever else to decide whether we're living how God wants us and let's take His Word, grab a seat somewhere quiet where we won't be distracted and ask Him if we're living the way HE wants us to live. This seriously will change your life!!

A few ways God has been changing me recently is He has shown me how truly great He is. I've missed who the Great I Am is. I mean, I've heard Him called that, but never knew Him by that name. A God who can make the impossible, possible is THE GREAT I AM!!! Another way God has been changing me is my focus has been shifting (this is a really painful process. no joke!) from myself and my wants and desires to His wants and desires. My focus has shifted from how people perceive me to how He sees me, which matters way more than anything else (and God is still working with me on this. Definitely doesn't happen overnight). I find myself seeking ways to show the love of Christ in every day things. Seeing all the ways Christ has changed my life I want to now share that hope and life with other people. This brings me to the next thing God has really been dealing with me on, being uncomfortable! Ohmygosh!! I HATE being out of my element. I hate doing things that scare me half to death and make me want to puke. I hate thinking that I might mess up and make a fool of myself. In essence, I want to be perfect, but that's not my job, that's His. God will perfect as we continue to walk closely with Him and choose Him over and over again because He first chose us (1 John 4:19)!

If your life looks the same after you've accepted Christ as it did before, you could say you haven't met the real Jesus or allowed Him to change your life. It's scary, it's hard, it's painful, but it's also joy, and peace, love & patience, and so many other things. Trust God. Live radically and realize that no matter what happens, He is with you. Always & forever. <3

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