Would you die?

So this morning during worship a question came to mind...

If it came down to it, would you die for your faith?

I'm not sure where this came from. Probably God. I started reading a book called 'The Jesus Mission' and in the first few chapters it talks about Christians who are persecuted for their faith so that might have had a little something to do with it, but I was just thinking about this over and over this morning.

If you had asked me this question a few months or even weeks ago my answer would have been no. My faith wasn't thriving to say the least. I mean I was happy and somewhat joyful, but not in my Lord. That was a problem.

So about 2 weeks ago God began doing a huge work in me and this week He has BLOWN ME UP (for those who don't know, this is a very good thing! :) )

I was thinking about the disciples who died for their faith. You wouldn't die for something that had no value or wasn't that big of a deal. You would only die for something that really and truly mattered. My faith was important to me but until this year I hadn't allowed God to completely alter me and make me into His committed follower.

If it came down to it I can say for sure I would die for Christ. Would it be easy? Not sure. Would it be worth it, oh yes! I die for Him daily not because I'm that good, but because He is that awesome!

He has changed me so amazingly. If you had been there a few years ago and seen the angry person I was, the selfish person I was, the hatred I had towards everything, and then saw me now... there is no way that could have been anyone or anything other than my God.

So I ask again, do you serve God and love Him so much that you would physically die for Him? Do you serve the idea of God or do you know the Great I Am? Think about it.

Happy Friday loves!

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