Breaking His heart

So last week I helped out with VBS at my church. It's such a blessing to me to be able to interact with kids younger than me and be an example to them to help lead them towards the cross!

One day the most precious little girl got sick. I watched her throwing up and people coming to help her and it was the most sad, pitiful thing I've seen in a while.

**Side note: she was feeling much better a couple days later and let us all know in her cute little girl voice, "I feel all better now!"

A little while later in the day I was reflecting on everything that had happened and I thought of her getting sick. As I thought about that I was telling the Lord how heartbreaking it was to watch and then He came back with a, "Imagine how I felt..." followed by a "especially when my daughters force themselves to do it."


Well that certainly made my heart break and then I felt a little conviction because I thought of all the times I hurt the Lord by doing things I knew He was not wanting. I thought of the girls who struggle to see their beauty (like me) or who beat down on themselves because of their looks, personalities, or whatever.

Imagine how our Father must feel when we break His heart like that. It usually doesn't start out with the intent of breaking His heart but after a while we do begin to learn that any time we refuse to rely on Him we are hurting Him. I find myself doing this sometimes and I just have to stop myself and ask, 'When did I become okay with hurting Him? when did it just not matter to me?'

This post is just to give you a little food for thought and to remind you that whoever you are, the Lord values you and sees you as precious and beautiful in His sight! No matter what. Period. That's for real the most awesome thing ever to know! That no matter what God always sees me in love and LOVES me! He LOVES you! Don't break His heart by feeding into the lies Satan throws at you. Ask God to remind you or show you who you are in Him!
Warning: He will answer!

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