Like Christ or the world?

My heart is so sad right now.

Ever been around someone who presented themselves to you in one way and turned the complete opposite right in front of your eyes?
Yeaaaahhhh... that just happened in a way and it was crazy.

There's a blog that I've read for many months and have actually shared links for on here many times. They presented good Christian articles on topics that weren't usually addressed. I applauded them so many times for that. However, they seem to have lost what made them unique from other blogs and now it's just getting out of control.

There has been this form of "Christianity" that's been on the rise for many years. The lukewarm, uses the fact that we're forgiven as an excuse to sin, wants to look as close to the world as possible yet not be "of" the world (that just doesn't work btw), etc.
What I've learned is that there is no possible way to be a Christian and be just like the world. Jesus didn't live like the world and I believe firmly that we are to follow that example.

Note: We all have used God's grace as a means to do what we please so I'm not condemning, however we must take off all the junk that keeps us from Him and as we follow Him we become more like Him; holy and beautiful.

Today I went over to their website after having seen the picture for a new post and was disgusted that anyone who claims the name of Christ would consider the picture appropriate. At first I wasn't going to say anything about it. You know I don't want to hurt any one's feelings, start drama or make someone feel bad, but then I read the article. It was completely gross. I'm all for educating people about sex TO A POINT! Seriously people! Let's keep the private stuff, p-r-i-v-a-t-e.

While I read the article I just kept seeing over and over how they equate a "good" marriage to how good the sex is in it. Let me tell you something, I don't know much about marriage but one thing I do know is that if sex is the focal point of your relationship it will fail before it's even started.

How can we as humans figure out what a good marriage looks like when none of us are even good?! Only the Father is good and when He saves us He begins making us better, but we still have sin in us. We won't be perfect until Heaven, so how can a human being tell me what a good marriage looks like apart from God? It's just wrong. Period.

Guys, if you're a Christian your life must looks different! Girls, if you're a follower of God then you have to follow HIM! Not the world, not your friends, not what people on tv say is right, you have got to follow the Lord. Is this easy? Heck no! Is it tiring? Yes! Does the good outweigh the bad? You better believe it!

In his book, 'The Church', Mark Denver said this: (found on www.radical.net/blog)

Today many local churches are adrift in the shifting currents of pragmatism. They assume that the immediate response of non-Christians is the key indicator of success. At the same time, Christianity is being rapidly disowned in the culture at large. Evangelism is characterized as intolerant, and portions of biblical doctrine are classified as hate speech. In such antagonistic times the felt needs of non-Christians can hardly be considered reliable gauges, and conforming to the culture will mean a loss of the gospel itself. As long as quick numerical grown remains the primary indicator of church health, the truth will be compromised. Instead, churches must once again begin measuring success not in terms of numbers but in terms of fidelity to the Scriptures. William Carey served faithfully in India, and Adoniram Judson persevered in Burma not because they met immediate success or advertised themselves as “relevant.” (xii)

We've got to stand out! It's not something you have to force all the time (though sometimes your feelings and what God says to do won't match up and you're gonna have to choose to follow God anyway), but if we (Believers) continue to do as the world does, then God, who knows our hearts and motives, will have something else to say to us when we meet Him face to face...

"Then I will announce to them, "I never knew you! Depart from Me, you lawbreakers!" - Matthew 7:23

We either believe ALL God says or none at all. It's not pick and choose. I'm saying all of this out love, not my love, but His. He cares so much for you that He wants you to live the best life and the best life you can live is one that is all for His glory! So what do you say? You can choose Life (Jesus) or death (sin), but if you choose Life you've got to choose the life that comes with it. Let's be completely committed to Jesus and His Truth. <3

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  1. I definitely feel you, girl! It's for sure disheartening to see things like that, but you can't let it discourage you. I've feel discourage many times when I see things like that. We can't try to get people to see Christ with this "let's meet in the middle with our morals" mentality. The Word clearly says to unbelievers, the things God says seems like FOOLISHNESS. To try to be more like the world just to get people to like Jesus more defeats the whole point! I love you, and I love your heart. Praying for you sister! :)


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