Let The Apathy Fall

"People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

I have no clue who originally quoted that but I think that's one of the most true quotes ever.

Let me ask you a question, do people know you care?

I mean really care. Like not just the friendly, "Hey! Just checking up on you to see how you're doing..." but the "I know you're struggling with this sin and aren't sure how to get through it but I want you to know that I'm with you. I'm praying for you, I'll pray with you and I'm gonna walk with you through this." Do you do that? That's what Jesus would do and if we take that seriously we'll live like Him.

Caring, in my humble opinion, is when you're not just concerned for a person, but you're also concerned about where they're going when they die. Do you care where anyone goes when they die? Or are you just okay with being saved and not having to worry?

Do you care?

I used to be that way. I never really thought about how others need to know Jesus Christ and that their eternal future depends on whether they know Christ or not. If I did think about it I quickly put the thought behind me because I was too focused on how uncomfortable it would be to have to share with someone and possibly be thought of as weird or stupid or whatever.

That changed a couple weeks ago when I went to camp and the speaker said on the first night, "Does your heart break for your culture?". BOOM. Does it? Not until I began praying for a heart like His- because up until this point I wasn't even looking for opportunities to share Christ. Sad, right? Yeah, I know.

Does my heart break for my culture? Yes. Every time that I look around me I find myself thinking, is he saved? is she saved? what are they going through? Let me just tell you that's all Christ because on my own I would never think that way!

I got the opportunity to go to a nursing home today and if you know me then you already know I love elderly people and God has given me a huge heart for them in the past 2 years. God willing, I will have a job where I get to be around them everyday. I love hearing their wisdom and how their lives have gone thus far. I talked with a few people today and they are just so open about their lives! They began saying how people don't really visit them too much, especially young people. My heart broke.

Do you care?

As followers of Christ we are to be different from the world and as the Bible talks about, we are to take care of the elders and the poor and the orphans. The question is are you? Am I? May the apathy fall. Let's for real step it up. The world should be able to tell that we're different by how we love and when you love, you must also care.


  1. I love your posts! I wish I could have gone to the nursing home :(

  2. Good read.
    I’ve been a follower on your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.
    Just checking back for any new posts you may have written.


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