Peace with my body, peace with my God

If I wasn't supposed to look this way, I wouldn't.

I'm so tired of always wondering if I look skinny or fat. Frumpy or cute. Pretty or ugly. Dude, it's not supposed to be this way!

After being told by two of my favorites, and repeating to myself daily- I've found that God has helped me believe that if I weren't supposed to be this size right now, I wouldn't. God has power overall, so don't you think if I were supposed to be model size, I would be?

Yeah. I think so too. ^_^

You know what I think about the way you and I look? That when compared to Christ, it's just a distraction. If we're constantly thinking about how our hair looks, how thin we might seem (or are), etc. we're not focusing on glorifying God, but on magnifying ourselves. Another form of idolatry.

Do I think there's anything wrong with wanting to look good? No. But in comparison to God's will for our lives I think that if we can glorify God and take care of ourselves, then it's fine, but if we are seeking our own glory and not His, I feel as though that's a waste of our time. YOLO, right? Well, living life focused on your looks seems like a really stupid way to live your life.

Psalm 139 is all about how fearfully and wonderfully made we are by our Creator. You know what I see when I read that? A few things...

1) I was made this way for a reason and a purpose and if this is how I'm supposed to be then I shall praise God for it and in it.

2) The whole chapter points back to Christ, not to us. In the same way, our lives should point back to Christ, not us.

3) I can't escape God no matter where I go!!

All 3 of those things makes my life so much easier knowing them.

Whoever you are, I sincerely hope you know that Christ made you as you are for His purposes and His glory. You are beautiful because you were made by a beautiful God. Stop letting the devil get in your head. The devil is a lie and always will be!! Stop listening to him. I'm gonna challenge you to read Psalm 139 every day this week and as you read remember that you were made by Him and for Him and that's what matters. I'm at peace with my body and peace with my God. Love you guys! <3

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