Encouragement To Those Suffering

I'm never going to make it through this.

Ever been there before? Like no matter how much you pray, read the Word, or remind yourself that this is a battle that Christ has already won, you still can't break through?

Yeah, I've been there too. I'm there now.

In this dry season of suffering (that's how I put it at least) I've been reminded constantly of two things:

1. God never leaves me. He's with me right now. <3
2. If I wanna get through anything I must rely on Him because relying on myself will never, ever, ever, EVER work.

I've gotta praise through this.

Yes, you read that right. Up until last night my prayers have really been, "God, get me OUT of this!", but He broke my little heart last night in showing me that acting like a two year old, kicking and screaming about how I don't like this, is not showing my trust or love for Him but rather my immaturity. Even my immaturity is somehow turned around by His hand to grow me. That's good because I have a feeling it's not the last time He'll have to correct me, but at least He's happy to do it. ^_^

If you're going through some suffering I genuinely want to encourage you with some things.

I know it's not easy, but remind yourself to rely on Him, not your feelings, thoughts, opinions, whatever! Rely on Him. Can't stress that enough (I'm preaching to myself basically, because I need this too!)

Also, stay in the Word!! Satan will first attack your desire for the Lord and that's something you have to pray against and stand firm in. You might not feel like praying or reading His Word, but the minute you step away from Him you are in the midst of a battle with no weapons to fight with. Your life is based on faith (even when you can't see what's happening), not on your circumstances.

Last thing is just surround yourself with godly people. Getting away from other Christians is something that Satan might tempt you with but it's the last thing you need to do. We need people to pour into our lives and help us through these tough times.

Hope the Lord spoke to you in some way and I want to encourage you to leave me a comment if you're going through stuff so I can pray for you! Don't be shy! ;) Love you all in Christ! God bless!

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