I wanted to come up with a super clever title for this blog post, but all I could think of was grace so that's the title. :P

I don't understand God's grace.

Can we ever really understand it? Hmm.. not sure about that one, but what I do know is just because I don't understand it doesn't mean I can't accept it.


How do we get from being so happy in the grace of God to being so uncomfortable and squirming while trying to "earn" His grace every day with our "righteous works"?

This week has been a week of learning to accept grace and love... and then to give it.

I've used grace before to do as I please. I've also used grace as an excuse that meant I had to be "perfect" or God would not take me back.

I have been reminded that because the blood of Christ covers me, I am new. All sin- past, present and future... it's covered! No amount of Bible reading, worship, prayer time, or acts of service can earn that.

Side note: we read the Word, worship, pray, and all that good stuff because we've seen grace and by grace repented, not to earn His love.

Is it hard for you to believe you're accepted?
Dude it is SO hard for me to believe that. Here's what I know now though, if I don't believe His Word then I am calling God a liar.


I've had to pray, "Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief." quite a lot lately. It's a good place to be in in a weird sort of way because it brings me to the reality that no, I don't believe everything God says but because of His grace upon me I can ask Him to help me believe and He will.

That's a promise.

I want you, the person reading this right now, Christian or not, to know that His grace has covered you.
Jesus did that, not you.
All you have to do is accept it and allow Him to have full reign over your life.
We accept because we're accepted by Christ.
Christian walks aren't easy (whoever said they were lied). But my life lived in grace is better than my life lived in condemnation.

Grace has covered you. Believe it, accept it, live in it, live by it.

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