It Won't Last Forever

"For the Christian, nothing bad lasts forever." - Tullian Tchividjian

Thank You, God!!

This week has been one of such emotional turmoil. Two things: 1. it won't last forever and 2. God is with me... those two thoughts have kept me going like you have no idea.

I've evaluated the situation over and over again. Am I not spending enough time with the Lord? Is my heart in the wrong place? Is there sin in my life?

Maybe it's just a dark valley that I have to go through to see His unfading Light is still shining.


I've learned not to live by them.

We fall into sin on a whim because we "feel" like it. We go out with someone for far too long while they are verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive because "they make me feel so good about myself.." ha! Been there and it's only for a very short time and it brings more pain than joy.

We believe in God and ask Him to come save us based off of a really emotional service, but after a while abandon His ways because we never considered the cost. Consider it, because the cost is great... but the gain is far greater.

The rain might be falling right now, but I know it won't last forever. I also know it won't be the last time the rain falls.

My faith in God is stronger through each storm that comes because it shows me that I am not holding onto Him, He's holding onto me. I can grip whatever I want- emotions, people, books, ideas, theology, whatever and He will take away all those things to show it's just Him and I. Alone. Together. And that He will supply all my needs and sustain me.

My God, He is the Sustainer of my soul. He is my peace, joy, and life. So though I'm in a storm and I feel pretty tired, I know my God is with me and it won't last forever.

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