Jesus' Mission Wasn't To Be Nice {Monday Reflections}

You read the title right.

You might be agreeing, you might not, but give me a bit to share why I make that statement. I think you'll respect it at least, maybe not like it, but that's okay. :)

The other night I was sitting in bed crying (the usual as of late click here to see why). I don't really remember too well what brought about this thought but I know it had to be from my Father,

"I haven't been living like Jesus, I've been living to be 'nice'."


I'm not entirely sure but I don't think the word nice is ever mentioned in the Bible and when we describe Jesus I don't think people have used the word nice to describe Him. Though, we do present Jesus as the "nice" King who loves everybody (and He does love everyone), but we fail to mention that He wants to disrupt our lives as they are, so that we can be more like Him in every way.

Jesus' mission wasn't to be nice.

I believe that Jesus' mission on earth should be ours. How He lived, should be the way we live.

If you read Matthew 21:12-13 you probably won't say Jesus was being nice. Maybe not, but it was His love and passion for His Father that drove Him to overturn the tables.

John 4 tells us of the Samaritan woman Jesus talked with and at one point He tells her to go get her husband, to which she replies she has none and He says that she answered rightly because she's had 5 husbands and the man she's living with isn't even married to her. Would you say that's nice? But it's the truth and Jesus spoke it in love. That conversation may not be considered happy-go-lucky but it was in that conversation with Jesus that this woman's life was changed.

There are plenty of things that Jesus stated that weren't nice and it wasn't to make people feel good about themselves. Those words were all spoken in love. Love for His Father, love for Truth (He is the Truth!), and love for us.

Jesus' mission was to do the work of the Father and the work of the Father was/is bringing us back to Himself so we can live lives in Him and for His glory.

Our lives should be grounded and centered in the Father to the point that like Jesus, we too through, the Lord, can speak truth in love and God can use it to change some one's life.

All of this has lead me to ask myself one question, Do I really know Jesus?

Dude, I know a whole lot about Him! Yes. But do I know Him for real? Like to the point my life isn't just changed but radically changed?

The church tells us a lot about Jesus but sometimes I think a lot of it comes from this was what their pastor said, so they say it, and then others say it, and so forth. How much of what we know of Jesus and about His lifestyle comes from the Bible?

So God has lead me to really dive into His Word and seek His way of life, not my own and not the contemporary Christianity that says pack up and go be a missionary in a third world country, and buy Toms, and serve as a worship leader, and do it all because it's what you "should" do. We all have unique callings on our lives and it's okay to step away from the "expected".

If you're still reading this (it's a long one haha!) I want you to really seek Him. Not me, not what I say, not what your pastor says, or your best friend, or your mom. God can use all those people to speak through, but it shouldn't be the main place you get a word from the Lord. We need to be seeking Him and His life, nothing else.

Jesus, let us live in You and through You. Let us seek Your way in every part of life everyday.

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  1. Wow you really spoke the truth and what you wrote spoke to me. Sometimes I'm hesitant to correct my friends when do they something that I don't think is right because I'm afraid I'll offend them but sometimes the truth hurts. I've been praying for GOD to bless me with Boldness and Courage to share The GOSPEL. Thank you for your words! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!


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