Seasonal Change

Just a few more minutes....

I sat in bed waiting for the sun to rise. It's already starting to feel like fall... thank God! 3 months of early unbearable heat is pretty much over and a new season is on the brink of starting... like my life.

I woke up at 4am and God gave me the privilege of being able to watch the sunrise. First, it was really dark, then kinda dark, then light began to appear and before I knew it I was lacing up my tennis shoes to go jogging.

Life is kinda like the sunrise. Sometimes it gets really dark, then kinda dark, then the Light becomes visible and before you know it you're dancing in it.

Fall is my favorite season and I can taste it it's so close. In my life, I can taste breakthrough coming, too. I guess you can call the season I'm in right now a "seeking season". I'm seeking my identity in the Lord and I'm seeking the Lord Himself.

I'm desperate.

Good thing about trials and storms in life is it makes us desperate for the Lord (either that or you turn away from Him, which by the way is the worst choice, so stay close to Him and rebuke Satan!)

Faithless prayers; prayers that took nothing out of me and stirred nothing within me have become far too common in my life. Singing some songs yet having no real intention of living what I was singing or reading some verses and not applying them... I'm done with that.

I'm ready for a faith that can move mountains. A faith that takes everything inside of me. A faith that is unshakable. A faith like Paul, Peter, John, James and all the other saints I admire.

I'm ready for fall.

I'm also ready for change. Change in my life, change in my faith, and change in this season. All for the glory of God and oh for others to see His hand upon me!

Seasons are changing... where do you find yourself in the midst of the change? It might seem dark right now, but hold on, the Light is coming.

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