Small Missions Are Great Too

I haven't started a church plant (but that doesn't mean I don't want to).

I don't have a ministry I've started and run everyday.

I don't lead a small group or go to third world countries or do really anything "big" to change the world.

I live a pretty boring life actually. Well, others would classify it as boring. Me? I think of my life as pretty exciting because I get to figure out how to live this Christian life on the daily- in the small, tedious, annoying things of life.

Small missions are great too.

There's this thing that goes around in churches and groups of Christians in thinking that we need to be doing these "large", out of your mind, flipping amazing things.

I don't disagree with that per se, it's that I think all things are equal in the eyes of our God and that it's not really how "big" the things are that you're doing, but just that you're doing something for His glory. What if Jesus just wants you to share Christ with your next door neighbor?

Sometimes I doubt my legitimacy as a follower of Christ because I'm not doing as much as other Christians I know. Jesus pretty much wrecks my world everyday, but recently He's been showing me the importance of the small things. His gentle voice says,

"Anything done in My Name for My glory is great."

Period. End of story. That's enough for me.

Matthew 6:1-4 talks about giving. Verse 4b says that the Father sees the things we do in secret and will reward us for those things.

Wanna know how that relates to you and me?

It means that that person you sit with at lunch every Monday - Friday trying to minister to, the person not many people know you talk to or share Christ with... you'll receive a reward for that someday. It means that genuinely caring for people by just listening to them is another reward. It means that each time you force your pride down and forgive somebody you'll receive a reward for that.

Don't get me wrong though. Please don't, because Christ and His saving grace in our lives should be our only motivation for everything we do, but it's (at least for me), very comforting to know that though no one else knows the little things I do each day, He does and He'll reward me for those. Mmm yes! That's good stuff!

You're on a mission every day of your life.
Don't forget that. Nothing "big" or "small" is hidden from His eyes and one day you'll get your reward. Until then keep pursuing people in His love. <3 Have a blessed night!

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