The Girl With No Name

I don't know her. I've never met her or even talked to her.

I read her story. I cried. I decided it deserved some re-telling and some in depth thought behind it. So here goes...

She lives in Africa. She has aids. She's filthy. She probably has never had a bath or maybe she doesn't even know what that word means.

More than that, she doesn't know why she's here.

Who is she? Yeah, she's asking the same thing. She's the girl with no name.

Oh but everybody has a name, right? Sadly, no. Her family didn't give her a name. They said they didn't know if she would even live so why name her? She's not loved or cared for because these people can barely take care of themselves much less another soul.

Can you imagine that? You have no name, no family that loves you, no food to fill your belly, and yet you're still on this earth. If that was me I'd be praying for death. Selfish? Maybe. Real? Yes. Maybe she prays for death or maybe she doesn't pray at all because no one took the chance of telling her that her purpose on earth is not nothing, that she does have value and that's because the God of value made her.

I sobbed.

Who would have sex, get pregnant, have the baby, and then not care enough for this child you carried 9 months to freaking name her?

I was really mad after I read this story of a precious child, a precious little girl, who had no name because of her selfish family but the Lord sent some compassion to my hard heart and spoke,

"She (the mother) has never known love either. She goes by what she knows... apathy."

So then I cried for this mother who is just another product of a vicious cycle of hate, hunger, and pain.

When I got done praying and crying and thinking about this little girl and this woman I just read a story about I thought of how many people I've been around who may not be hungry physically, but are actually starving for love and truth and I have it to spread. They have names, but they might not have  accurate ones. They call themselves losers, stupid, ugly, and so many other things.

So today I'm going to tell as many people as I can their true names and you are just the first of many.

Reader, you are chosen (1 Peter 2:9).
You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).
You are His delight (Isaiah 62:4).

Go read Isaiah 62:1-5. Beautiful truth right there! God will not stop pursuing you until your salvation shines like a bright light and a flaming torch! He sees you, He knows you, and He still loves you. Let's be honest we all have things in our past or present that are ugly, but He sees those things and because of Christ that ugliness can be gone and we can be pure and spotless before Him. His sacrifice brought our freedom.

So don't be down about your appearance or your life. God has a purpose and plan for you right now and even though it may seem hopeless, it's not. Be faithful. Be persistent. Be happy God made you as you are and remember those names He calls you.

Even the girl with no name has one, she just doesn't know it. Let's pay it forward and remind those of their true identity.


Radical or Not?

I don't know how I feel about this.

What's the "this" I'm speaking of? Let me start from the beginning...

"I finally understand what it looks like to be a follower of Christ!! It's more than I thought it would be... it actually takes work, but this work is worth it."

I remember saying these words over and over to others (because I was that excited!) and to myself. It was somewhere between breaking up with someone God didn't intend for me to be with and hearing my current pastor preach for the first time.

I didn't know life looked radical when lived for Christ... it does.

Sure, people expect Christians to go on mission trips, feed the homeless, and all that good (great!) stuff. But they don't expect you to swallow your pride, empty your heart, and lift hands up to the One who made them simply stating, "I surrender." ... and you mean it.

For about a year and a half God has really dealt with me on denying myself and following Him. He has shown me that taking up my cross daily is not an option when walking with Him. That's why Luke 9:23 is on the sidebar of my blog. That's my verse. That's the verse God stamped my heart with last year and has continued to since.

So you're pretty much caught up to where I am now... this thought right here: I don't know how I feel about this.

The this I'm talking about is this comfort level, look out for yourself, never radical; faith in Christ.

You think I'm pointing fingers and you're right but I'm pointing at myself. I was disgusted yesterday when I was examining life this past month and realized that really I was only focused on myself, not the Lord, not others, not the needs that are floating through the air of each and every person's life on earth... nope just on myself.

I found myself sitting happily in my house around 2 in the afternoon the other day and not having spent time with my Savior. It didn't really bother me. It scared me.

I'm around a lot of people who tell me to just go with the flow and deal with life for me first- get an education, good job, nice husband, cute house, have __ kids, etc, then go help others. How do I feel about that? Well, I don't like it. It tastes gross in my mouth and it's not what I want to do (sharing Christ all over the world is where my heart resides). But these people are my friends.. some are even Christians.

I guess you could say I'm confused about why we claim to follow this Jesus whom other Christians die for on a daily basis, like physically they die and yet we in America, we say to sit pretty and deal with life as it comes to you not worrying about anybody but yourself. I'm not condemning because as many Christians I know who live that way, I know just as many who actually live out their faith in all things.

What do you guys think? Should we sit comfortably in our pretty houses with our nice cars and our fridge full of food or do you think there's more to following Christ and that quite possibly that's not the "abundant life" He spoke of?

I agree with the latter.

Simply put, I believe in a God who made the whole world so why would I serve Him as if I was the boss and He was just along for the ride? Yeah dude, there's not too much trust in that... or faith.

Today I did something that scared me.
Something that God said I needed to do but I was afraid and didn't do it for a couple days thinking of as many "valid" excuses as possible (they were all lame by the way). I finally did it and you know what? It was fine. Nothing bad happened and it was cool.

My whole point is this: it's scary when we start trying to make things more agreeable as Christians just for the sake of being liked or being comfortable. Shouldn't the motivation be so God be glorified and others come to know this beautiful life in Jesus? Yes, it should. You might think I'm being "overly Christian" but I know Jesus saved me from this life of worthlessness and living only for me or relying only on me and because I know that I seriously want others to know that He did the same for them and they need to accept it as the gift it is.

He died for you so you could live for Him and while it's scary and hard and annoying at times, it's also the best, most beautiful story ever written to live. I mean really and truly live. It's indescribable.
Don't be afraid or embarrassed to live completely all out for Him. Do the things He's asking you to do whether they seem weird to others or not because I bet when you see Jesus face to face it won't matter anymore. He loves you. I do too. 
                                                                 Stay blessed, friends!


Do Yourself A Favor...

A must see!

Do yourself a favor and go see Unconditional. I'm being for real, y'all! This movie is a MUST see.

I went to the theater last night with some friends to watch this movie and be supportive. I figured it would be good, but I did not know how good it would actually be. I was left speechless... that takes A LOT to do. :P Yeah, it's that good.

First off, I like movies based off of true stories. This one was.
I like movies that show that black and white people can and do get along. This one did.
I like movies that keep you interested the entire time. Yeah, you guessed it, it did.
Finally, I like movies that leave me encouraged and fired up to go make a difference and I can tell you that this movie definitely does that.

This movie is real, not just because it's based off a real story, but because the acting is raw and honest. All the actors and actresses are easy to fall in love with (especially Keisha, but you're not gonna know who I'm talking about unless you see the movie :P ). I don't like to say I "love" something if it's just a strong like towards it or not deserving of a word like love, so I'll tell you that I have some seriously strong like for this movie. ;)

Please go see it! I promise it won't be a waste of your money at all. I hope you leave encouraged like I was.

Have a great Saturday, guys! Watch some football! Well, obviously after you go see this movie. ;)


Guest Post...

Hey blog friends! So today is a big day for me in blog land.  I'm guest posting for my first time ever over on Katie's lovely blog!! ^_^ Go over and let me know what you think. Show some love to her! I think you'll like her blog. Happy Friday! <3

He didn’t have to do it.

I kept thinking this over and over again. I haven’t known him for that long and the conversations we’ve had have not been that in-depth.

I walked for at least 45 minutes to get to my church. I needed to talk to my pastor and my phone was broken so the only way to do that was to get to the church. Without a car, walking is the only option. I happily walked those 45 minutes because I was on a mission.

My mission? To ask him how to share Christ with a woman who is dying of cancer. How do you tell someone that if they don’t accept Jesus, they’re going to hell? How do you tell them that the love they’ve been searching for all their life is Jesus Christ who made a way for them that they haven’t really used?

[Read more...]


October Baby - Review

October Baby!!
I have been waiting for October Baby to come out on DVD ever since it originally showed in only two theaters around my hometown and I couldn't go see it.

Let me tell you that it was so worth the wait!

If you've seen Courageous, Facing the Giants, or Fireproof let me tell you that this movie isn't very similar to these in storyline, but it is just as good as all of those!

I'll admit that when I finished watching it I was kinda like, 'alright, it's good but why didn't they show more of their faith?' like in your face, "Boom! Jesus saves!" type stuff, but then I remembered that this movie's highpoint isn't to just get people to see Christ and His love, but to show others the importance of life and that abortion isn't getting rid of a problem, but killing an innocent being and causing more problems.

All of the actors in this film are fantastic! There might not be "big name" actors or actresses, but the authenticity of their acting is superb!

I thought the writers of the movie did a great job of showing the issues with abortion, the beauty of healing and restoration by God, and how forgiveness exists for everyone.

You'll laugh, cry, and think a lot while you watch this movie. I left with a really encouraged heart after watching it and a better grasp on some people's everyday reality.

If you're a Christian I really encourage you to go buy this and support the film. Everything in it is biblical, and not judgemental. This film is truth filled.

If you're not a Christian I still encourage you to watch this movie. I think you'll get a lot more out of it than you might think. :)

So, what say you? Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

                                                                                                              stay blessed! <3


My Church Wasn't The Problem, I Was

my church!
"I don't know if I can go there anymore. People are driving me crazy!"

And so the conversation that I had had a million times with several different people began. I told them the same thing I told myself every night after I came home from church (looking back I'm saddened at my behavior).

I would tell them that I wasn't happy, I felt so judged, nobody seemed to be there for the right reasons and so forth. This went on for weeks. Until God did something in me. I learned a lot. First thing I learned was...

my church wasn't the problem, I was.

Coming from a somewhat bitter girl at the time I didn't like hearing this at all, but God is always right and I will always be wrong in comparison to Him.

What happened after I accepted that God was right was just awesome. I began accepting His free gift of love to me and then He began working so mightily in me that I was able to give that love to same people I had been complaining about two months earlier.

I gave anger and hatred to others because I was angry and hateful towards myself.

God took me on a journey of learning to love myself despite all the flaws. Once I learned to do that, I was able to more effectively love others.

The people I am around I genuinely love. I love the crazy, stupid, hilarious, annoying, profound, randomness of every single person. I now see the uniqueness in each person I'm around when I'm at church. I see the different ways they worship, the way their relationship with Christ moves them and so many other things.

Here's my advice if you're struggling with the church you're at:

1. Figure out if they're the problem or you are. Nine times out of ten the pointing fingers will turn around back on you. Ask God to reveal the real problems to you, whether they be in your heart or in the place you're at.

2. Is your church preaching the Word and the Word alone? If there's a lot of excess opinions and not complete truth being preached or practiced then you may want to ask God if that's where He wants you. Sometimes you have to wrestle with your church and talk to leaders of the church about what you're seeing and if they are seeing the same and if it's a problem that needs to be addressed. Ultimately, let it all be done in love.

3. Accept His answer and act. If God tells you to leave your church and find a new home then do it. My warning to you on that is to make sure that it is in fact God's voice you're hearing and not your own personal opinion. Coming from experience, it's not very wise to leave a church because you're having problems with a couple people. You may want to ask yourself why you're going to church if when a problem arises you want to leave immediately. Church should be a place to worship Christ together, fellowship, serve, and get filled up on the Word.

I hope this cleared up some things you've been struggling with and helped you begin to really seek His voice on the matter. Blessings!


Much Is Required - Monday Reflections

"And that slave who knew his master’s will and didn’t prepare himself or do it will be severely beaten.  But the one who did not know and did things deserving of blows will be beaten lightly. Much will be required of everyone who has been given much. And even more will be expected of the one who has been entrusted with more." - Luke 12:47-48 (italics mine)

I have a lot of stuff. Too much at times.

I sat down a couple weeks ago and was looking around my room. After several moments I asked God why He gave me all this stuff. Why was I the one He chose to live in a nice house, with a great family, go to a great church where I don't have to worry about being killed by people who don't love Jesus, and having more clothes than I can actually wear. After a few minutes I looked at a picture hanging on my door of a beautiful African child who was dirty and wearing clothes that were merely threads. God spoke,

"That's why."

Much is required of us Christians in America (and around the world), but specifically speaking to Americans, God has blessed us with material wealth. We wonder why we have so much excess and God is telling us it's so we can give to the poor and provide for His children.

It's not just giving material stuff either.

It's giving a child clothes he's never had and sharing Love with him that he's never known.

It's helping the elderly with their house chores and giving a listening ear to them while you're there.

It's serving in your church with gladness and no complaints because you genuinely care for and love the people you're serving.

Much is required of you, dear Christian. But it's not just your material wealth, it's also your time, your love, your heart, your body, everything you have. Nothing leftover. All used by the Father and for the Father.

What has God given you excess of that you've been keeping all for yourself? Maybe God is asking you to give it away in the name of Christ for the sake of another? That's pleasing to our Lord.
Happy Monday!



I just spent the past hour outside looking at the stars, listening to music, and pondering life.

Haven't talked much about this on here because it just hasn't come up, but future posts talking about love are upcoming for sure. God has been doing such a work in me and the one word that keeps coming up is love.

This is a paraphrase I wrote tonight of 1 Corinthians 13 and really just all the things the Father has been to me. No special title has been given to it, just plain and simple... love.

Love is extravagant.
Love is forgiving.
Love is relentless.
Love is radical.
Love heals.
Love cares.
Love stays patient.
Love shows mercy.
Love pursues.
Love pledges.
Love has hands & feet.
Love is eternal.

These words may sound like nothing to you, but they have great attachment to my heart. They weren't written on the fly or taken from my feeble mind. They were gifts given to me by the Father and no one could know how thankful my heart is for that. Please take some time to really think on and chew on these things. Think of how they relate to God's love for us and think of how that love should produce the same things in us.

Because ultimately anything we do without love is worthless.


11 Years Later

11 years later. Wow.

I've spent much of my morning watching videos from this day 11 years ago. My sister hates it. I say it's so we don't forget.

You know what happened this morning? I got out of bed, headed to my den, looked at the TV which was on ESPN (like usual) and realized that I had forgotten today is September 11th.

Each year it seems to get less and less important to us Americans and slowly we forget. I hate that.

Then I realize it's much like the cross. Yes, the cross that Jesus Christ died on so that we could reflect upon this day in freedom.

How many times have you forgotten what He did for you?

For me, it's too many to count. Sadly... very sadly.

I'm not sure what happens between then and now, but we slowly lose the importance of things after a period of time.

God used this day to remind me of the cross, of a Man who died to save, and because of His death allows me to live in freedom, even when that freedom is under attack.

Don't forget to say a prayer for the families and friends that were left behind from the tragedy that claimed so many lives 11 years ago today in New York. Don't forget to remind yourself that anything on this earth - including your life - can be taken from you at any given time so live it for your Maker. Also, don't forget the sacrifice Jesus gave so that you could have eternal life which matters infinitely more.
            Stay blessed. <3


More Than I Can Handle - Monday Reflections

A common thing you'll hear from Christians is this sweet little phrase, "God will never give you more than you can handle."


I know where they are getting that from. 1 Corinthians 10:13. It says,

"No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to humanity. God is faithful, and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation He will also provide a way of escape so that you are able to bear it."

In reality this verse isn't speaking too much about life problems, but specifically about temptation. He won't give us a temptation we can't find a way out of.

I'd like to say that God does gives us more than we can handle.

It's not in an angry, "Ha! Try and get out of this situation."way, but more in a "Rely on Me." kind of way.

Rely on Me.
If there has been a theme to my life this year that's it. Complete reliance on the Lord. You'd think that it would be way harder to rely on Him than on yourself, and sometimes it is, but for the most part I find it brings me so much peace and comfort because I know whatever happens His hand is still at work.

I can't spark a revival in my church, I can't get my neighbor to accept Christ, I can't open lines of communication where it seems nothing but miscommunication happens. These are all very real situations in my life, but they all show me that I can't do it. It's more than I can handle.

I commit myself to Him daily, trusting that though a situation is more than I can handle it's yet another thing I must rely on my Father to get me through.

Life is more than you and I can handle. It's another reason why we need a Savior. Trust Him even when it's hard. He's working out your best as we speak (Romans 8:28). Happy Monday!


Eyes of Faith

I like things to be done my way and in my control.

This week has shown me that more than anything things are always in the Father's control and won't always be done to my liking.

I was really, and to a point still kinda am, upset with how I acted at the beginning of this week. I allowed my eyes of faith to be directed somewhere else and I began to act like a two year old throwing fits because she didn't get her way.

Grace covered me.
His love touched me.
He spoke gently to me.

You know what God said? That sometimes I'm gonna have to take a step of faith into nothingness, but He's got me and I'll be okay.

It's so overrated. I've been blessed far more by the things that were done out of my "comfort zone" than by the little comfort bubble I've lived in. God has shown me that it's only when I step out that I see how He steps in and takes care of everything.

He really does have the whole world in His hands.

Tonight I did something scary. I asked God to do some things that I may not enjoy at first or even like. I also took a step of faith and signed up to do something that may work out or may not. The beautiful thing is I don't have to worry about mistakes. If I do something purely in faith, knowing it's something He's told me to do then whatever happens was by His hand and if it proves to have not been "for me" that's okay because He always has a plan in each little, seemingly insignificant thing.

Thank God! I've had to remind myself to stop looking at things the way the world looks because the world doesn't know this hope in Jesus Christ that I do. I see through eyes of faith that though things in my life may not look like the things of every other "successful" person out there, His favor and grace are no greater nor no less over me.

He has me and I trust Him. Let my eyes of faith always be seeking Him.


Why I Didn't Get "Re-Baptized"

If you're a Christian and have been for a few years, chances are you've been here before...

"I wanna get baptized again. I just didn't understand what I was doing or what it meant when I did it the first time."

Yeah, I've been there too. I'm about to share with you my story and what I've learned about the topic of getting baptized a second time.

Genuine Salvation.
If you are saved when you get baptized, no matter your personal feelings, you are doing it rightly.

In order to be saved we must have faith in Jesus Christ and believe He alone is the One who has saved us. None of our "religious acts" will grant us less or more grace. His grace remains the same regardless of how we act.

If and when you are baptized you are doing it to show others that you have now died to yourself and are living in Christ now, then your baptism is valid. (Romans 6:8)  Baptism is your profession of faith, not walking an isle.

My Story.
This (getting baptized again) has occurred to me several times, but most recently was a work that began last year. Last year God really took me to a place of seeing what being His follower really entails. He showed me how a true relationship with Him is (and it's not just accepting His blessings, but also living to love Him, i.e. John 14:23).

Sometime in the early summer I decided to talk with my pastor and youth pastor about getting baptized again because I thought I had "fully understood" what I was doing. Just f.y.i. you will never understand everything about Christ dying on the cross and you living for Him in His grace, but that is because we do not think like God nor can we ever. He is all knowing, we are not. Be at peace with that. :)

My pastor told me to wait a while to really see if this change that was taking place stayed that way or if I went back to being a mediocre follower.

I didn't.

I called him exactly a year later to talk about getting baptized again and here is what he said,

"Tara, I'm gonna talk to you like I would one of my kids. I wanna ask you a question, when you got baptized a few years ago, had you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"

I had.

           "Did you believe in His saving grace and forgiveness of your sins?"


"Then, you baptism was genuine. Doing it again would just be getting wet."
"Just getting wet."
If you have looked at those questions my pastor asked me and answered them the same way then I am pleased to tell you that your baptism was genuine. You may stray from the faith at some point, but I believe that you can't lose your salvation. However, you can make a choice to not follow in it. His grace for us remains the same, however you can't keep a gift if you don't accept it daily. Nobody takes a book given to them by someone and after they've had it for a day say, "Oh no, it's not mine." If you accept His grace, you live in it daily, if you don't accept it, then it's not yours.

If you read those questions and answered no I would encourage you to ask God to reveal to you whether you were actually saved when you got baptized or if you just did it because it was the "cool" thing to do with your church friends. Ask the Father to reveal your heart to you.

You might get baptized a second time to make yourself feel better but it will have been done just for you and won't affect your relationship with God at all. It'll be simply getting wet. I hope this has helped clear up some of those issues for you guys. If you have a story, please share!

What do you think? Have you ever gotten "re-baptized"? Have you ever thought about it? Share your thoughts!


Looking Outward

Stuck in despair, I decided to mope and cry for two days.

That's not a good place to be. Wanna know why? Because it's selfish and when Christ was on the Cross, I see nothing that spoke of selfishness at all. I live to be like Him.

I sat down yesterday after a big fight and started to cry again. This time it wasn't because I was angry at anyone (well, maybe myself), it was because I was broken. I was broken because of my hatred and anger towards other people. I was broken because I claimed to serve this loving God while withholding the same love He gave me.

The key to getting out of selfish thinking is to look outward.

Sometimes I can be really selfish. That's the truth for real. I can get caught up in my circumstances and after a while that's all I think about.

So I'm changing my thinking.
I've been reading Kisses From Katie. If that doesn't make you stop and go, "What have I been taking for granted?" I don't know what will. I've read countless stories of beautiful children who were abandoned by their parents for whatever reason and are starving on the streets. This lovely lady has been taking them in and besides providing for their basic needs, she's been giving them love. Wow.

I've found some thoughts that I've had recently have sounded a lot like this one from just a couple days ago,

I'm sitting here, trying to go sleep, but I can't. My stomach is growling, but more than that I'm thinking about all the little children who can't sleep for the same reason and it's not because they refuse to get up and get something to eat, it's because they have nothing. Lord, don't let there be a day that goes by that I don't take some time to pray for these little children and help provide for them in any way I can.

The thing is, I'm blessed.
Not so much by material things (though those are blessings I thank God for), but I'm blessed to live where I do, around the people I do, with the love I know from Christ surrounding me.

One thing I'm learning is that taking care of orphans and widows is extremely important and the Bible tells us that as Christians we are to do it. Don't miss this though... God has placed you where you are right now to love those people through Him and to share the hope He's given you with them. That's hit me hard because I like to think about going off on mission trips for the rest of my life, which is fine, but neglecting the people He's placed right beside me is foolishness.

Today I look outward at the needs of others and ignore my particular likes or dislikes to simply enjoy them through my Savior.

What has Christ shown you about being focused on others? What is He calling you to do today that will touch the life of someone else?




This word came to me in prayer, in my thoughts, in my time with the Lord, and in conversations with others.

I talked to a friend and she tells me that maybe this is a preparation season for me.

I sat there thinking for a few minutes about what God means by prepare.

He's preparing me. Yes, but for what?

"Prepare for battle."

I'm preparing for battle against Satan and the schemes he has and will continue to throw at me. I'm preparing to battle the status quo as my future becomes reality and as I seek to figure His will in the midst of strange, confusing times.

Funny how when you graduate high school nobody hands you a "what to do when everyone else's plan doesn't seem to fit yours or God's" brochure. You're expected to know everything as soon as you graduate and when you're real with people and let them know you have no clue what you're gonna do, they look at you like you've already failed when you in actuality haven't even gotten started.

I've changed my mind about what I wanna do "when I grow up" countless times and in the past 3 months I went from thinking about nursing home work to occupational therapy to missions to working at a church and so forth.

I don't know what I want to do.
I do know I want to be in the center of His will and whatever He has for me, that's what I wanna do.

That's not enough for some people accept, but for me it is. If it's His will, then I'm gonna do it. Popular choice or not.

So I'm preparing for what He wants. I'm preparing to go into the "real world" with a fire and passion that nobody can take away from me and that no one can shake. I'd be stupid to think that attacks aren't gonna come when I get there... they will. He's holding me by the hand and walking with me step by step. Thank You, sweet Jesus. Prepare my heart for what You bring me to.

What's a word the Lord has given you about your life right now? What situations have you been in that God showed through even when everyone was doubting your reasoning for staying put until He moved you? Leave me a comment! Happy Tuesday, guys!


Ladies, this is for you!

I looked her up and down a couple times. Not in the sassy way, just in ''m curious about what you're wearing' way.

She wore a tight tank top with short shorts and boots.

I remember thinking that that's a little contradictory to wear boots with shorts (kinda like wearing a sweat shirt with shorts, what's the point?), but more so I was sad for her.

She didn't see her value.

I saw men turn around and look at her. I saw the way their faces looked. I saw the pleasure it must have brought her, but underneath I believe her heart must have been going through a war.

Sis, you are beautiful.
It's not because of the way your hair looks or the clothes you wear or how you did your makeup today (or if you even wore it!). Your beauty comes from Christ.

You might not know that because you might not know Him. I encourage you to seek His face if you don't know Him. I encourage you to talk to someone you know (maybe woman) who is a Christian and ask them about the differences between the way the world shows women and how God made us and sees us.

You might know that your beauty is from Christ in your head, but your heart just doesn't get it (that's me sometimes) and you may ask God how He sees you and feel like He doesn't answer, but He does and will. I encourage you to keep asking for His view of you and then go read Psalm 139 which is an excellent place to start in seeing yourself through God's eyes.

I wanna end this by telling you to go read this article. A friend of mine shared it with me and it's just too good to not share with y'all! Praying for your heart as He makes it more like His. Bless you!