11 Years Later

11 years later. Wow.

I've spent much of my morning watching videos from this day 11 years ago. My sister hates it. I say it's so we don't forget.

You know what happened this morning? I got out of bed, headed to my den, looked at the TV which was on ESPN (like usual) and realized that I had forgotten today is September 11th.

Each year it seems to get less and less important to us Americans and slowly we forget. I hate that.

Then I realize it's much like the cross. Yes, the cross that Jesus Christ died on so that we could reflect upon this day in freedom.

How many times have you forgotten what He did for you?

For me, it's too many to count. Sadly... very sadly.

I'm not sure what happens between then and now, but we slowly lose the importance of things after a period of time.

God used this day to remind me of the cross, of a Man who died to save, and because of His death allows me to live in freedom, even when that freedom is under attack.

Don't forget to say a prayer for the families and friends that were left behind from the tragedy that claimed so many lives 11 years ago today in New York. Don't forget to remind yourself that anything on this earth - including your life - can be taken from you at any given time so live it for your Maker. Also, don't forget the sacrifice Jesus gave so that you could have eternal life which matters infinitely more.
            Stay blessed. <3

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