Do Yourself A Favor...

A must see!

Do yourself a favor and go see Unconditional. I'm being for real, y'all! This movie is a MUST see.

I went to the theater last night with some friends to watch this movie and be supportive. I figured it would be good, but I did not know how good it would actually be. I was left speechless... that takes A LOT to do. :P Yeah, it's that good.

First off, I like movies based off of true stories. This one was.
I like movies that show that black and white people can and do get along. This one did.
I like movies that keep you interested the entire time. Yeah, you guessed it, it did.
Finally, I like movies that leave me encouraged and fired up to go make a difference and I can tell you that this movie definitely does that.

This movie is real, not just because it's based off a real story, but because the acting is raw and honest. All the actors and actresses are easy to fall in love with (especially Keisha, but you're not gonna know who I'm talking about unless you see the movie :P ). I don't like to say I "love" something if it's just a strong like towards it or not deserving of a word like love, so I'll tell you that I have some seriously strong like for this movie. ;)

Please go see it! I promise it won't be a waste of your money at all. I hope you leave encouraged like I was.

Have a great Saturday, guys! Watch some football! Well, obviously after you go see this movie. ;)

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