Eyes of Faith

I like things to be done my way and in my control.

This week has shown me that more than anything things are always in the Father's control and won't always be done to my liking.

I was really, and to a point still kinda am, upset with how I acted at the beginning of this week. I allowed my eyes of faith to be directed somewhere else and I began to act like a two year old throwing fits because she didn't get her way.

Grace covered me.
His love touched me.
He spoke gently to me.

You know what God said? That sometimes I'm gonna have to take a step of faith into nothingness, but He's got me and I'll be okay.

It's so overrated. I've been blessed far more by the things that were done out of my "comfort zone" than by the little comfort bubble I've lived in. God has shown me that it's only when I step out that I see how He steps in and takes care of everything.

He really does have the whole world in His hands.

Tonight I did something scary. I asked God to do some things that I may not enjoy at first or even like. I also took a step of faith and signed up to do something that may work out or may not. The beautiful thing is I don't have to worry about mistakes. If I do something purely in faith, knowing it's something He's told me to do then whatever happens was by His hand and if it proves to have not been "for me" that's okay because He always has a plan in each little, seemingly insignificant thing.

Thank God! I've had to remind myself to stop looking at things the way the world looks because the world doesn't know this hope in Jesus Christ that I do. I see through eyes of faith that though things in my life may not look like the things of every other "successful" person out there, His favor and grace are no greater nor no less over me.

He has me and I trust Him. Let my eyes of faith always be seeking Him.


  1. Hello,
    Yes, I too have recently done something which I believe absolutely that God has instructed me to do, as I did when I started my blog. I believe absolutely that we must do what we feel we are being told to do by the Holy Spirit regardless of what the mind might be saying. We only have to look at Abraham being instructed to take Isaac to be sacrificed to know that we can not trust the reasoning of the carnal mind. The total plan is God's not ours.

    1. I so agree! Always gotta follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and let our minds rest in Him, not in our own thinking. Thanks for your comment! Blessings!


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