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Hey blog friends! So today is a big day for me in blog land.  I'm guest posting for my first time ever over on Katie's lovely blog!! ^_^ Go over and let me know what you think. Show some love to her! I think you'll like her blog. Happy Friday! <3

He didn’t have to do it.

I kept thinking this over and over again. I haven’t known him for that long and the conversations we’ve had have not been that in-depth.

I walked for at least 45 minutes to get to my church. I needed to talk to my pastor and my phone was broken so the only way to do that was to get to the church. Without a car, walking is the only option. I happily walked those 45 minutes because I was on a mission.

My mission? To ask him how to share Christ with a woman who is dying of cancer. How do you tell someone that if they don’t accept Jesus, they’re going to hell? How do you tell them that the love they’ve been searching for all their life is Jesus Christ who made a way for them that they haven’t really used?

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