Ladies, this is for you!

I looked her up and down a couple times. Not in the sassy way, just in ''m curious about what you're wearing' way.

She wore a tight tank top with short shorts and boots.

I remember thinking that that's a little contradictory to wear boots with shorts (kinda like wearing a sweat shirt with shorts, what's the point?), but more so I was sad for her.

She didn't see her value.

I saw men turn around and look at her. I saw the way their faces looked. I saw the pleasure it must have brought her, but underneath I believe her heart must have been going through a war.

Sis, you are beautiful.
It's not because of the way your hair looks or the clothes you wear or how you did your makeup today (or if you even wore it!). Your beauty comes from Christ.

You might not know that because you might not know Him. I encourage you to seek His face if you don't know Him. I encourage you to talk to someone you know (maybe woman) who is a Christian and ask them about the differences between the way the world shows women and how God made us and sees us.

You might know that your beauty is from Christ in your head, but your heart just doesn't get it (that's me sometimes) and you may ask God how He sees you and feel like He doesn't answer, but He does and will. I encourage you to keep asking for His view of you and then go read Psalm 139 which is an excellent place to start in seeing yourself through God's eyes.

I wanna end this by telling you to go read this article. A friend of mine shared it with me and it's just too good to not share with y'all! Praying for your heart as He makes it more like His. Bless you!

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