Looking Outward

Stuck in despair, I decided to mope and cry for two days.

That's not a good place to be. Wanna know why? Because it's selfish and when Christ was on the Cross, I see nothing that spoke of selfishness at all. I live to be like Him.

I sat down yesterday after a big fight and started to cry again. This time it wasn't because I was angry at anyone (well, maybe myself), it was because I was broken. I was broken because of my hatred and anger towards other people. I was broken because I claimed to serve this loving God while withholding the same love He gave me.

The key to getting out of selfish thinking is to look outward.

Sometimes I can be really selfish. That's the truth for real. I can get caught up in my circumstances and after a while that's all I think about.

So I'm changing my thinking.
I've been reading Kisses From Katie. If that doesn't make you stop and go, "What have I been taking for granted?" I don't know what will. I've read countless stories of beautiful children who were abandoned by their parents for whatever reason and are starving on the streets. This lovely lady has been taking them in and besides providing for their basic needs, she's been giving them love. Wow.

I've found some thoughts that I've had recently have sounded a lot like this one from just a couple days ago,

I'm sitting here, trying to go sleep, but I can't. My stomach is growling, but more than that I'm thinking about all the little children who can't sleep for the same reason and it's not because they refuse to get up and get something to eat, it's because they have nothing. Lord, don't let there be a day that goes by that I don't take some time to pray for these little children and help provide for them in any way I can.

The thing is, I'm blessed.
Not so much by material things (though those are blessings I thank God for), but I'm blessed to live where I do, around the people I do, with the love I know from Christ surrounding me.

One thing I'm learning is that taking care of orphans and widows is extremely important and the Bible tells us that as Christians we are to do it. Don't miss this though... God has placed you where you are right now to love those people through Him and to share the hope He's given you with them. That's hit me hard because I like to think about going off on mission trips for the rest of my life, which is fine, but neglecting the people He's placed right beside me is foolishness.

Today I look outward at the needs of others and ignore my particular likes or dislikes to simply enjoy them through my Savior.

What has Christ shown you about being focused on others? What is He calling you to do today that will touch the life of someone else?

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