I just spent the past hour outside looking at the stars, listening to music, and pondering life.

Haven't talked much about this on here because it just hasn't come up, but future posts talking about love are upcoming for sure. God has been doing such a work in me and the one word that keeps coming up is love.

This is a paraphrase I wrote tonight of 1 Corinthians 13 and really just all the things the Father has been to me. No special title has been given to it, just plain and simple... love.

Love is extravagant.
Love is forgiving.
Love is relentless.
Love is radical.
Love heals.
Love cares.
Love stays patient.
Love shows mercy.
Love pursues.
Love pledges.
Love has hands & feet.
Love is eternal.

These words may sound like nothing to you, but they have great attachment to my heart. They weren't written on the fly or taken from my feeble mind. They were gifts given to me by the Father and no one could know how thankful my heart is for that. Please take some time to really think on and chew on these things. Think of how they relate to God's love for us and think of how that love should produce the same things in us.

Because ultimately anything we do without love is worthless.

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