The Girl With No Name

I don't know her. I've never met her or even talked to her.

I read her story. I cried. I decided it deserved some re-telling and some in depth thought behind it. So here goes...

She lives in Africa. She has aids. She's filthy. She probably has never had a bath or maybe she doesn't even know what that word means.

More than that, she doesn't know why she's here.

Who is she? Yeah, she's asking the same thing. She's the girl with no name.

Oh but everybody has a name, right? Sadly, no. Her family didn't give her a name. They said they didn't know if she would even live so why name her? She's not loved or cared for because these people can barely take care of themselves much less another soul.

Can you imagine that? You have no name, no family that loves you, no food to fill your belly, and yet you're still on this earth. If that was me I'd be praying for death. Selfish? Maybe. Real? Yes. Maybe she prays for death or maybe she doesn't pray at all because no one took the chance of telling her that her purpose on earth is not nothing, that she does have value and that's because the God of value made her.

I sobbed.

Who would have sex, get pregnant, have the baby, and then not care enough for this child you carried 9 months to freaking name her?

I was really mad after I read this story of a precious child, a precious little girl, who had no name because of her selfish family but the Lord sent some compassion to my hard heart and spoke,

"She (the mother) has never known love either. She goes by what she knows... apathy."

So then I cried for this mother who is just another product of a vicious cycle of hate, hunger, and pain.

When I got done praying and crying and thinking about this little girl and this woman I just read a story about I thought of how many people I've been around who may not be hungry physically, but are actually starving for love and truth and I have it to spread. They have names, but they might not have  accurate ones. They call themselves losers, stupid, ugly, and so many other things.

So today I'm going to tell as many people as I can their true names and you are just the first of many.

Reader, you are chosen (1 Peter 2:9).
You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).
You are His delight (Isaiah 62:4).

Go read Isaiah 62:1-5. Beautiful truth right there! God will not stop pursuing you until your salvation shines like a bright light and a flaming torch! He sees you, He knows you, and He still loves you. Let's be honest we all have things in our past or present that are ugly, but He sees those things and because of Christ that ugliness can be gone and we can be pure and spotless before Him. His sacrifice brought our freedom.

So don't be down about your appearance or your life. God has a purpose and plan for you right now and even though it may seem hopeless, it's not. Be faithful. Be persistent. Be happy God made you as you are and remember those names He calls you.

Even the girl with no name has one, she just doesn't know it. Let's pay it forward and remind those of their true identity.

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