Why I Didn't Get "Re-Baptized"

If you're a Christian and have been for a few years, chances are you've been here before...

"I wanna get baptized again. I just didn't understand what I was doing or what it meant when I did it the first time."

Yeah, I've been there too. I'm about to share with you my story and what I've learned about the topic of getting baptized a second time.

Genuine Salvation.
If you are saved when you get baptized, no matter your personal feelings, you are doing it rightly.

In order to be saved we must have faith in Jesus Christ and believe He alone is the One who has saved us. None of our "religious acts" will grant us less or more grace. His grace remains the same regardless of how we act.

If and when you are baptized you are doing it to show others that you have now died to yourself and are living in Christ now, then your baptism is valid. (Romans 6:8)  Baptism is your profession of faith, not walking an isle.

My Story.
This (getting baptized again) has occurred to me several times, but most recently was a work that began last year. Last year God really took me to a place of seeing what being His follower really entails. He showed me how a true relationship with Him is (and it's not just accepting His blessings, but also living to love Him, i.e. John 14:23).

Sometime in the early summer I decided to talk with my pastor and youth pastor about getting baptized again because I thought I had "fully understood" what I was doing. Just f.y.i. you will never understand everything about Christ dying on the cross and you living for Him in His grace, but that is because we do not think like God nor can we ever. He is all knowing, we are not. Be at peace with that. :)

My pastor told me to wait a while to really see if this change that was taking place stayed that way or if I went back to being a mediocre follower.

I didn't.

I called him exactly a year later to talk about getting baptized again and here is what he said,

"Tara, I'm gonna talk to you like I would one of my kids. I wanna ask you a question, when you got baptized a few years ago, had you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"

I had.

           "Did you believe in His saving grace and forgiveness of your sins?"


"Then, you baptism was genuine. Doing it again would just be getting wet."
"Just getting wet."
If you have looked at those questions my pastor asked me and answered them the same way then I am pleased to tell you that your baptism was genuine. You may stray from the faith at some point, but I believe that you can't lose your salvation. However, you can make a choice to not follow in it. His grace for us remains the same, however you can't keep a gift if you don't accept it daily. Nobody takes a book given to them by someone and after they've had it for a day say, "Oh no, it's not mine." If you accept His grace, you live in it daily, if you don't accept it, then it's not yours.

If you read those questions and answered no I would encourage you to ask God to reveal to you whether you were actually saved when you got baptized or if you just did it because it was the "cool" thing to do with your church friends. Ask the Father to reveal your heart to you.

You might get baptized a second time to make yourself feel better but it will have been done just for you and won't affect your relationship with God at all. It'll be simply getting wet. I hope this has helped clear up some of those issues for you guys. If you have a story, please share!

What do you think? Have you ever gotten "re-baptized"? Have you ever thought about it? Share your thoughts!

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