Always Running - Monday Reflections

I’m always running.


I run from problems. I hate to deal with them (can I get amen?!). I don’t want to confront anything. Yes, I realize this is a bad way to be. No, I’m not too worried about it because I know God will work it out.

My idea of a nightmare is having to tell someone that they are doing something that hurts me or the body of Christ. To confront that? Umm yeah, gimme a rain check.

I run from God, sometimes.

Oh, sorry. That probably offended someone just then. You know, the perfect people who never have those thoughts or problems with the Lord. Ha! That ain’t me. The Lord shows grace upon grace over my life because this little girl does not always submit.

I’m not boasting in my running but in His grace.

Sometimes I’m scared of the thoughts I have in regard to my Savior. Sometimes they aren’t pretty or nice. Sometimes they are mean and stupid. Sometimes they sound like someone who doesn’t even know the Lord and sometimes I refuse to confront any of that.

I run.

I run from the thoughts, the problems, the annoyances, and I flee into a corner of simplicity and darkness. Away from everyone and everything and then I’m alone.

But I’m not alone.

I look up, and there, before my very eyes, is a hand extended towards me in love.

“Let Me love you.”
“No, Lord, I can’t. I’m scared, I’m hurt. Let me sit here, alone, just to be. Not to think or talk, just to be.”
“Rest in Me, child.”

And so I will.

I will rest in my Lord. I will stop running from the problems, the issues, the hardness of life and I won’t even confront those things right now. I will simply rest in my Beloved and wait for Him to move me.

What are you running from? What do you run to? Is it possible that you just need to rest in the Lord and let Him guide you?

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