He says, “Hey baby! You got a boyfriennnd?”

“No. I don’t want one either.” I say in as polite a tone as I can muster.

Then I pray.

I pray for this man who doesn’t know the Lord. I pray he finds his identity in places other than how many girls he can holler at. I pray for this anger and bitterness that rises towards men to go away.

I wonder how many times this has to happen before I do something about it. Before we as human beings do something about it.

I noticed something the other day. I was walking and saw a young lady being catcalled. I felt sorry for this sister that had to deal with this embarrassing and uncalled for behavior.

Do you know what happened next? She walked toward him. She freaking walked toward this man who clearly had no respect for her and she was okay with it.

We are raising young women and young men who don’t know what the word respect means.
They don’t know what it looks like, how it smells, or what to do with it. Girls seek after the “bad boys” who will break their hearts in a million pieces and probably take their purity with them. Guys are looking at porn and getting in relationship after relationship after relationship just to “experiment”.

This has got to stop. Right here, right now.

Do you know what happens when you do something over and over again? It becomes a habit, a pattern, and eventually it becomes part of your life. Sometimes it is your life. You eat, sleep, breathe, crave that attention, that feeling, that comment, that face.

Ladies and gents, respect yourself.

Before you can respect yourself you must respect God and how He made you. When you get past that I think you’ll find you’ve already learned a lot about respecting yourselves.

You do not have to accept that man yelling at you. You do not have to accept that girl who wants to break up because she thinks you’re a chicken for not wanting to have sex. You don’t have to accept the “status quo” that is shoved down your throat every day.

You were made for more and you matter. Drink those words in, friend, because they are true and your Heavenly Father speaks them over you daily.

**Big thanks to Emily for inspiring this post.

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