She - Part 1

She started the day as she did every other... getting out of bed and heading for the shower.

She was thankful for the few moments of peace she had before she really had to start her day.

The last few drops of water dripped off and she wrapped her hair in a towel and headed for the foggy mirror to begin her battle.

Oh, you didn't know? She's in a war.

She wipes the mirror in a circular motion and sees her reflection. She hates it. She grabs her makeup bag and begins the process of covering up everything she can until she's unrecognizable to the person who was just there moments ago.

She tries to fight these thoughts, really she does. The thoughts that call her ugly and worthless. She's a Christian, she's read books on her image, memorized the verses about how she's created in His image and that image is beauty, but she still doesn't see it. She can't believe it. She won't believe it.

The war is over for a few minutes.

She smiles at the way her eyes now sparkle and the way no blemish or pimple can be seen anymore. She's satisfied.

She then makes her way to her closet, picks an outfit, and the war starts all over again.

"If I weren't so fat," she thought, "then this would probably look good."

She tried several other things on and finally crumpled to the floor in tears. She's frustrated and tired. Not just for this time being, but for this moment that occurs every day of her life.

I remember that being my life for years. Call me dramatic if you will (and of course, that tag would probably be true :P ), but this is so many girls lives every single day. You think it's just being vain and thinking only of their appearance but the issues go much deeper than that.

It comes from a lack of identity, purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction in Christ and how they were made. It may also come from the "friends" who always put them down, the father who isn't around, or the mom who has suffered so much pain she can't bring herself to uplift her own daughter.

If you resonate with this, know I'm praying over you right now. Please seek the Father and His love. Don't try and find it elsewhere, because I can tell you from experience, you'll never find love or worth outside of Christ.

If you know someone who is dealing with these things, be there for her. Love her. Pray for her. Be a friend to her.

You might be the smile that turns the day around for another child of God.

Note: This is part one of a series I have started. Come back next Wednesday for the next part!

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