She - Part 3

“I’m just so down on myself all the time...”

Her friend says this and she nods knowing exactly what she meant.

She tells her friend it’s okay and that everybody feels bad about themselves sometimes and her friend nods silently and gently reaches out for a hug. They embrace, say goodbye, and head their separate ways.

The past few weeks have been good to her.

She’s happy at her job, things at home are more relaxed, and she hasn’t thought too much about her weight, appearance, or what people think about her in a while.

‘This is good, Lord, thank You.’ she prays silently. She looks up at the sun and smiles. This is good.

Then it happens.

She wasn’t prepared for this attack. It came out of the blue. All the truths she’s practiced over and over again were now slowly leaving and the lies began to spread again.

No, no, no. Not this time. I just can’t seem to shake this. Oh, God, where are You?

Nothing. Her prayer is answered with silence.

She doesn’t know what to do so she doesn’t do anything. She listens to the lies and the process starts again.

The lies are kind of like an old friend that treated you poorly. You don’t know whether to leave them and pursue something better or because you want some company, keep them near and just listen.

She chose the latter. She always chose the latter.

One day, she thinks, this won’t be a problem.

But hope is quickly lost and she remembers that for today, it is a problem, and she doesn’t know how to solve it.

She won’t pray today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day because she think it makes no difference.

She just doesn’t know what’s coming.

Come back next week for the final installment of 'She'. Have a great day, guys!

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