The Radical Question & A Radical Idea - review

You can read this book in day, but God will use it to change your life for much longer.
David Platt is definitely one of my all time favorite pastors. I remember reading Radical for the first time and being completely blown away by this idea of being more than a church going, no cussing, Christian.
I didn't read the second book to Radical, but heard great things about it and as I've been reading through 'A Radical Idea' I've definitely added Radical Together to a list of books I want to read.
Maybe you have or haven't read Radical. That's okay either way. Wanna know why? Because if you have read it, this quaint little book will re-ignite that passion you had when you first read it and if you haven't then you'll definitely be wanting to pick it up afterwards. This is definitely something the Lord uses to give us all a heart check.
Often times we live in our cute houses with our nice cars and cool clothes and never stop to think of the person who is starving to death or without a home or without a family. Can you imagine actually being thankful for your family? Ludicrous I know! (That's sarcasm by the way.) Do you really believe that this life of luxury is the life the Lord intended for us to live? The One who said to "love your neighbor as yourself" and yet we constantly overlook our neighbors as if they don't exist. I certainly don't believe a life lived for ourselves is what God wants. I believe that's a complete contradiction to what He saved us from and if you read this book you might be enlightened to this point as well.
This book is definitely one you can read in a day,but it's probably one you might want to work your way through bit by bit because you will for sure have thoughts about your life now and how you might or might not be making His name known.
I encourage you to cross the threshold and see your life through the Lord's eyes in no fear and giving it all up for Him. Ultimately you must answer this question that Platt asks,
What is Jesus worth to you?
Note - Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Company gave me this book for free for reviewing purposes.

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