When In Battle

Satan attacks me all the time. Wanna know the main way he gets at me through?


The kid eating a Reese's behind me at church, rattling the paper every few seconds. Eventually I'm so focused on that noise that I'm barely hearing the pastor.

The guy who pops up every few months to see how I'm doing and wondering if we'll get back together.

The little tiny comments from other people that literally drive me up the wall until I know just exactly what they meant when they said what they did.

I figured since last week was kinda crazy that Satan would lay low for a while because, dude, I'm seriously not in the mood for an attack. You know what? He figured the best time to distract me would be now, because of the craziness of life.

Satan will try and wear you down and break you until you cave into his small schemes.

You have to fight and be strong in the Lord. Just because you're not fighting doesn't mean Satan isn't attacking, ya' know?

Be in constant awareness of God's presence. I cannot tell you how that has blessed me! Being reminded that this isn't me, it's all Him is a blessing beyond words. You know what distractions do to me? I end up being so focused on those things that I'm not even considering what the Lord is doing or that He's even right beside me. So that's a good thing to know when in a spiritual battle.

Give Up.
Bet you didn't see that coming did you? Well, let me explain what I mean by "give up". I don't literally mean throw in the towel, but in a way- I do.

Give up to Christ. You were never, ever, ever meant to do life by yourself or in your own strength. Let go of those distractions. Give them up to Him and let Him take care of the things that are clearly out of your hands.

Satan will attack you today. My prayer for you is to be strong in Him and rely on Him and bring glory to His name by withstanding the attack.

Don't forget He's with you. Fight. Give up. Let Go. Breathe. You are never alone. He is by your side always.

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