Who You Are, Who You Represent

I asked my lovely cyber friend Katie to guest post for me about something she's learned out in the real world basically. She talks about something that I think is super valuable. You can go to her blog here and her twitter page here. Happy reading!

It was one of those traffic laws only a local would know. Her rental car didn’t come with a page of unique local laws. (I’ve always thought it would be nice if rental companies did that).

When she got pulled over—unsure of what she did—she looked down and noticed she was wearing her employee ID from Big Name Christian Company (BNCC). She pulled it off and hid it in her purse, unwilling to tarnish the name of BNCC.

Her copilot dug through her own purse to pull out her name badge, in hopes that being a BNCC employee would get them out of a ticket for whatever law they broke. She was willing to sacrifice the name of BNCC to cover their mistake.

Just as my friends represented BNCC on the city streets they weren’t accustomed to, you and I represent our schools and workplaces.

"Remember who you are and what you represent" was drilled into my head during high school but it sunk in further after college.

Sure, I did my best not to disgrace my alma maters but now that I’m working for several different organizations, I hold myself to a higher standard. Now I need to maintain the expectations they’ve set, uphold the reputation they strive for. I expect more of myself because of the names I’m associated with.

No matter what you do, what you say, or how you act, your name is now associated with your employer, your school, and your church.

Are you holding yourself to the standards they set? What are people saying about them from what has been displayed in you? Are you using their name—dragging it through the mud if necessary—to protect yourself or are you sacrificing yourself to protect a larger name?

Would you be embarrassed if your boss was standing beside you as you do this? How about your mom? Your pastor?

More important than "who you are and what you represent" is to remember "whose you are and who you represent."

If you call yourself a Christian, you have voluntarily chosen to wear Christ’s name badge. Wherever you go, you represent Him. Everything we do reflects Christ, either well or poorly.

Are you holding yourself to the standards He’s set? Are you quick to judge, quick to scorn, and quick to get angry or are you quick to love, quick to give grace, and quick to help? Are you representing Him well, sacrificing your own name when necessary, or are you dragging His name through the mud for your own glory?

Whether we want to or not, we wear the name of Christ everywhere we go. Everything we do reflects Him. I often wish I could remove my Christian name tag because my actions are not Christ-like. I’m quick to judge, quick to scorn, quick to get angry.

Because I’m not going to take off my Christian nametag, I’ve got one choice and one choice only: intentionally strive to do better.

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