Why Being Honest Is A Form Of Humility

Have you ever been going through a really tough struggle and dealing with just straight up junk and been too afraid of telling someone because they might judge you for it?


As a Christian, I think there is this unspoken word of how you must be perfect and never struggle. It's predominately called pride.

Pride is what keeps a person from speaking their problems to another soul. Pride is what makes the response from the other person seem so far away from the issue because they have "never had that problem".

We could be more honest with one another if judgement weren't so ensuing. Being honest is a form of humility. It shows others that you know you struggle and that truly Jesus is the One who is perfecting you daily. It shows that you aren't afraid to admit you're hopeless without Him.

One of my biggest pet peeves is sharing a struggle with a person and them telling you to just suck it up and move forward. Sometimes that lights a fire and helps you through, but more often than not that's not the response you need. What if God said, "Oh, you're having a hard time? Well, you'll get through it eventually."? You'd probably say He wasn't a loving Father. But He doesn't do that. Even when we're completely out of line He still holds us to His side and loves us.

The answer to problems should always be in love and care. The response could sound like this, "I know what you're going through is rough and so I'm gonna hold you and be by your side all the way through it."

"People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Jesus saves me every day. It's a never ending process. He is my strength, but on my own I lack strength and this little heart gets confused at times or maybe just goes through a downright hard day and that, my friend, is when I need a good hug and some hot chocolate.

Pride. Let's let go of it on both sides. The side where all you see is your problem (you weren't made for this world.) and yet won't seek a solution and the side that sees no problems because they believe it makes them look "weak" in Christ to actually suffer. I think Paul would have something to say to both.

Here's my challenge for you this week: I believe God made us to need one another. You can't be real, true friends with a person without sharing struggles. Share one struggle you're having with a person you can be real with. Don't just bring it up and drop it- work through it. Talk it out. Get God's Word and seek.

Judgement shouldn't be the response, love should. Are you judging or loving?

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