Why Your Identity Matters

Hey friends! Happy October! ^_^ I'm pumped to see what God does this month.

So, in my last post I kinda ended it with talking a little bit about identity. Hours after I posted it I was sitting on my bed writing in my journal and God told me to write some more about identity and why it's important so... here we go.

I scribbled in my journal these words -

"My identity is important because it shapes how I live."

I believe that firmly.

Think about that for a minute. If you believed that your identity is found in how you look then you would live life making sure you looked as good as possible, right? If you constantly thought of yourself as "not smart" or "ugly" then you would do everything you could to try and make those things not true about yourself, when in reality, they were never true to begin with.

Tackling the issue.
The problem isn't just with your mind and how you think about yourself, your problem is in your heart and how you think of God, and also how you believe God thinks of you.

I'll share a story with you.

For months and months and months I struggled to believe that God would actually love me. My little brain didn't understand it, but my little heart refused to believe it. So I didn't. I spent months praying for God to reveal His love, praying for Him to help believe His love for me, and the problem was I really wouldn't lay down my logic of why I was so "unlovable" and pick up His Word and believe I am who He says I am. Psalm 139, anyone? Dude I read that passage, prayed it, and wrote it until I knew it by heart.

In those months of praying and reading there was a breakthrough. It didn't happen overnight, but it did eventually happen. I found my life in Him, who I am in Him, and it changed my life. He changed my life. For real.

I found so much peace in Him and so much joy in knowing (and actually believing) that God loves just as I am. Thank You, Lord!! I still struggle with it and there are definitely times I have to pray for help believing, but He always answers with His love.

During that time and before that time I was very angry and bitter and you probably wouldn't have been able to tell. I could barely tell. I found myself speaking evil words at people or about people and that's when He revealed my heart to me.

Your identity matters because it shapes what you believe of yourself and others.
Your identity matters because it shapes what you believe of God.

So, how can we find our real identity? After many years of searching I got this (sorta :P )!

We were made by God and for God. Ephesians 2:10 says so,

"For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them."
Boom. I like that. I liiikkkeee that!  We are HIS creation.

You find your identity in your Maker because HE made you, so HE knows you.

I could go through everything the Bible says about us being His creation and who we are in Him (and who knows, maybe one day I will!), but I think if you seek it out yourself you may find because you were apart of the seeking process and that its coming straight from God's Word, that it touches your heart far deeper than hearing it from another party.

So here's what I'm doing this month and I hope what you will do too, I'm going through His Word to not only find Him, but to find myself; my identity in Him.

Your identity matters because once you find it, you'll stop searching for the labels that "fit" or "don't fit" and live out a life with an amazing purpose to glorify Him in all you do. We are His. Hallelujah!

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