Word Vomit Happens Again...

Yes, folks, it does. Words are coming. Not in a pretty, organized, wonderful order but in a reckless, gotta get it off your chest kinda way.

Have you ever been in one of those places where you have so much going on inside of you and you just need to get it out, but there's no one there to talk to for hours and hours so you just write it all out on your blog?!

Yeahh.... I'm sure you're not like me. :P

Anyways. God has blown me up this week. Like BLOWN me up. Ever prayed for Him to move in big ways? Scary prayer, awesome aftermath.

It started Monday. I got angry over something really stupid and started questioning everything in my life. Mostly the motivation for everything I do.

Conviction ensued.

I asked God why I post verses, quotes, thoughts, etc. on twitter and facebook- for me or Him? For my glory or His? Was it so I looked like "super Christian" or so people saw the real God above?

Sadly I learned that a lot of it was based on how many likes I could get and trying to impress others. Lame, I know.

God freed me from that.

Then, I was having some loneliness. Ladies and gents, it's not always easy being single (psshh like I have to tell you!). Sometimes I just want someone to come over, hold me and watch a movie (God does that too, btw!). I got super down and was thinking like, can I really do this single thing? God is this what You have for me right now? Really? Is it?

It is.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and today the Lord reminds me of the truth in being single for His glory and how to live it everyday.

I'm so content right now. It's such a perfect place to be in the Father's arms. No worries (that doesn't mean there's nothing on my mind, just I have trust in my Abba:), no complaints, no regrets, just love and warmth.

I'm wondering about you. The person who reads this. Do you know the joy of Christ? Do you know that warmth or love? Have you ever even been embraced by love Himself? Not just an "oh, i love ya'!" but deep, crazy, radical, beautiful, endless love that can only come from Jesus... do you know that?

I'm praying for you right now. I hope you do know it and live in it and give it.  If not, seek it. Seek that love from Christ. You'll find Him because He says you will and I believe it because I have.

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