25 Days Of Fasting

“Do you love those who don’t know Jesus?”

Simple words spoken at a camp that began the process of a heart rocking journey.

Before I didn't even care for those who are commonly known as “the lost”.

Side note: I dislike that term. I think we need to start seeing people as people. We can love them regardless because that's what Christ does. We can see them as people we care for and share Christ with. Not little “missions” we can try and “fix”. We should see them as He does. Not as “those evil people” but rather as hurting children who need to know their Abba and He so graciously has allowed us who do know Him to be a part of the process of helping others come to know Him.

Rant over.**

I’ve been seriously praying for months now ever since I heard that speaker talking about loving those who don’t know Jesus (as well as those who do). I’ve been praying for those that don’t know Him to come to know Him. Praying that He would allow me to share Him with them and I’ve been praying for a genuine love for them.

As I’ve gone through this, the Lord has given me names and faces for those people. They aren't just a group anymore. They have lives. They have passions and dreams and pursuits. They have hearts that aren’t as ugly as you might think (though stained with sin), but they are lacking love and life in the Eternal Lover and Life Giver.

I do love them. A lot. Which is why I’m very careful as to how I approach them in regards to the Gospel. This love compels me to take into account their feelings. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16) at all. I’ll shout it from the rooftops (or talk about it in Walmart 'cause y'all I don't have a good roof to shout from. ;) ).

We need followers of Jesus who love others so much that they are bound by that love- His love- to share this Jesus with others at whatever means necessary. No matter what it looks like. No matter if it's not the "conventional" way.

To listen to the elderly woman who is known to be a bit crazy, but only because she’s been alone for so long.

To hug the man who lost his wife and doesn’t know where to turn now.

To speak encouragement to the woman whose son killed himself after a particularly hard weekend.

That's the Gospel in real life.

I can quote Scripture at them. I can share the Gospel with them over and over, but none of this matters if it’s not done in love. His love. Not mine. My love is feeble and has conditions. His love is beautiful and matchless and endless. I’ll do it in His love, not mine. I'll be His hands and feet and love these people the way they need to be loved- even if they don't know what love is yet... or rather Who Love is yet.

So starting tomorrow I’m going to be fasting and praying for these lovely people who don’t know Him. Some I’ll pray for by name, but some I don’t know so I’ll just pray for them in general. I’ll be praying for those in this country and outside of it. Everyone needs Him.

Will you join me? This page is where you can link up, converse about what the Lord does for the next 25 days, and share any prayer requests for those you know that don’t have a relationship with Christ.

Let us love in Him and through Him.

**My view has changed a bit. Learn more about that here.


  1. Such a good idea. I don't know if I will fast, or blog, but I will join you in prayer.

    1. Thank you, sister! :) Bless you!

  2. So so excited and expectant for what the Lord will do and the heart change that will make place this month! I love you girly and thank you for your obedience to God and your heart for the lost. <3


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