Being The Kind Of Person He'd Want To Marry (and why that might be wrong)

So today's post and tomorrows is going to be talking about motivation (yes, I have had these two posts ready for over a week... and I ask myself, who am I? ;P ). Be sure to come back tomorrow!

Ever heard the quote, “Be the kind of person you’d want to marry.”?

I’ve heard it many times and in many forms. 
I hate dislike that quote.

I only have one problem with it.

I don’t think that the kind of man I want to marry is looking for a woman who lives her life with him in the back of her head constantly.
I can feel it. I just lost a few of you.

Before I lose everyone, please hear me out.

I don’t think it’s wrong at all to want a good, godly man. In fact, I applaud girls who have such standards (and yes, I have those standards as well). But I think there is a problem with the motivation of your life being marriage focused. Or maybe, being focused on the wrong marriage.

Does the Lord (your Husband) motivate you the way thinking of that completely amazing guy does?

Ouch. Yeah, I feel y’all.

I asked myself the same question after a particularly hard day. I was feeling the loneliness that comes at times with being a single person and I was feeling heartbroken because I know a completely incredible godly man who would be the biggest blessing for any girl to marry and I realized that I was getting completely hung up on the idea of it all.

And its okay.

Because God showed me that sometimes we make idols out of marriages and people. We think if we can just get that guy interested in us (by the way- always, always, ALWAYS let the guy pursue you.) then we would be so much happier and more content.

No, sorry, but you wouldn’t. You’d still be not satisfied because only Christ brings satisfaction.

So here’s what I’ve been reminding myself - be the kind of woman God wants you to be. Don’t even think about what a guy would say if he saw the way you were living. John Piper says, “God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him.” Yes. Best quote ever.

Marrying on this earth may not be a part of the Lord’s plan for you, but being married to Christ is something you’re already called to. Be content in that. Let Jesus be your motivation for everything you do. There's so much joy and peace in that. <3

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