Division Breaks My Heart (and His)

“How are you doing today?”

So that question gets asked more than any other question on a regular basis I’m sure.

I usually reply honestly. Today was no different.

“I’m doing pretty great... how about you?”

Then I got this response,

“Honestly? Honestly I’m disgusted.”

And so the conversation started. My heart broke a little more with each word spoken from my dear friend and brother in Christ as he told me he and his wife had been abused and neglected in the church.

Oh, he didn’t use those words. No, he didn’t even make a big deal out of it really.

But it’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal to me because I believe it’s a big deal with God.

These issues don’t go unnoticed from our Father’s eyes. He sees each one and I believe that especially when there is division among His children it breaks His heart greatly.

It breaks my heart greatly. I thank God for that actually (means I’m becoming a little more like Jesus). But I’m not thankful for the division in the body of Christ.

I’ve cried many times over this issue and several times for these believers I love so greatly.

Church, we shouldn’t be hurting, excluding, or hating. We should be loving. Loving Jesus and loving others.

You think that sounds lame or crazy maybe, but I believe life is truly simple and while that doesn’t equate easy, it does make living it a bit easier. Knowing that all those complications we think are there, really aren’t.

Love God. Honor God. Love people.

What’s complicated about that?

I have no words on how to resolve every issue in the church (only God has that wisdom and whoever He so chooses to reveal it to), but on the issue of division I think the simple answer is this: get on your face, beg God to help you love every single person He does (go figure... that means everybody!) and then do it.

Trust and obey.

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