Seeing the Pain & Sharing the Gospel

I think some Christians like to be happy at the cost of ignoring the needs of others.

I know this because that's what I've done for years.

Of course I didn't put it that way in my mind.

No. I told myself that I was "focusing on God", attempting to justify the feelings of guilt that would well up ever so often.

I can't ignore people's pain anymore.

I absolutely cannot.

I prayed over and over months ago that God would break my heart for what breaks His. I prayed for Him to help me love like He does. I prayed for the apathy I've seen for so long in my life to be broken and for Him to replace it with a care for His children.

He is answering all those prayers and thus, I must act.

You can't care about someone and then never help them, can you? Can you love someone truly and then look past their mess, not even attempting to help them (even if they got themselves into it)?

You can't force a person to take your help (at least I wouldn't recommend that). You can, however, show them you care enough to offer.

Seeing people's pain and sharing the Gospel go hand in hand.

If you know someone is sick and you did a home remedy from Pinterest (holla!) that rocked your world and helped you get over being sick, you'd share it, right?

So why is it, Christians, that when we see someone suffering and know they don't know Jesus we choose to give in to fear (which is not of God) and ignore their pain to protect ours?

I want to cry knowing how much I've done that.

Right now I'm all about taking risks for the glory of God. It's a goooood thing, but it's hard.
Note: if you want to know what sparked my risk taking come back Friday for a book review. ;)

Last night I had a conversation I was so scared to have. But God said, "It's time." and He gave me some of the words I'd been afraid to utter. Of course, the conversation didn't go like it did in my head (they never do), but it was good. It was a starting point.

So here's my challenge.
Today, if you see someone who looks like they're going through some difficulties, instead of just looking the other way, engage them. Talk to them. Offer to pray for them. Don't force anything, just let the Holy Spirit move. Sometimes sharing the Gospel happens in the first conversation with a person and sometimes you have several conversations before the door is fully open. Trust God and obey. It's hard, but love is hard- doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

You have the remedy. Now go and share it.

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