The future is in His hands - Monday Reflections

I started to write this post yesterday and the first line was going to be "I'm overwhelmed".*

I decided after this morning that that did not fit anymore (praise God!), so let's start over, shall we?

I'm at peace in the midst of the storm.

Everyone asks me if I have a job or am in school and you know what happens when I answer both with a “no.”? I get looks of disappointment, lectures, wise words (which I’m thankful for) and then a “Well, you better get in school soon...” final statement.

I don’t know the future.

I don’t know exactly what I want to do. Why rush into things and possibly end up making some unwise choices simply because you were doing the "norm" or "expected" things?

Yes, I realize I “can’t have a career” if I don’t go to school (funny thing that Peter was considered "unschooled and uneducated" and he and some guys turned the world upside down), but what if God leads me away from the “standard” American dream lifestyle and towards something completely different?

Is it okay then? Will I still receive judgement?

It’s somewhat where I’m at right now. Everyday I change what I want to do, but one thing always stands- I want to do it all for the glory of God and I want it to make a difference in others lives.

The future is totally unknown to me and I have no clue where He will lead me, but I know He will lead.

I cling to that promise.

The future is in His hands.
Don't fret or worry, He's got it all under control.

This week, before you start freaking out because everything is crazy in your life and nobody seems to understand what you’re dealing with, remember that our Father above understands. He knows. He knows you, your circumstances, and your future. It’s all in His hands.

Trust and obey.

*and if you want to lift your girl up in prayer I would be so far beyond appreciative. thank you. <3

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