Why Rejection Is A Good Thing - Monday Reflections

I never in my whole entire life thought that the title for this post would be written and I would agree with it.

But I do.

Why? Because rejection leads me to the Father.

I got rejected the other day. Not to the point that it ruined me or a friendship, just that I had plans and they fell through because the other person chose something they wanted to do more.

At first, I wanted to cry. Then, I wanted to yell and tell God how much I was not loving this person right now.

Instead, I wrote the title of this blog and let the Lord work in me.

Every time in my life that I've been rejected it has led me back into His arms.

The time I lost a friend because they were angry and upset with everything life was giving them.

Back in His arms.

The time I was called out over a situation I literally had no control over.

Crying at His feet.

There's many times I've dealt with rejection and each time it's led me into a deeper love for my Father.

Wanna know why? Because God didn't have to choose me.

He didn't have to choose to love me, speak beautiful words to me, overwhelm me with His heart or anything at all. He's the Creator of the whole entire universe! I've failed Him so many times. I've told Him I wouldn't do something and then moments later I did that very thing. Why would He want to love me? Either way, He does. Thank God for that.

I've learned two things from being rejected.

1. God may allow it just to get my attention back on Him.

2. His unconditional love is a perfect example that though we may be rejected by others, through Him we can still love them.

Have you been rejected before? Wanna share your story? What did the Lord teach you through that time?

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