All Things

It's been one of those crazy, loud mornings.

You know, the ones where you can't seem to get one moment of peace and stillness?

I'm over here reading John Piper's Advent devo and also hearing conversations from the kitchen.

My first thought was, can y'all please shut up? I can't hear myself think. (Sorry, I'm human and these thoughts come sometimes.)

But I didn't say that.

I didn't say anything. I silently prayed that He would help me not be so irritated with people being themselves.

Oh, you think I just jumped from one limb to another, right? Not really.

My irritations with people tend to come from my thinking they should be/act a "certain way" and if they are a little bit different it throws me for a loop.

My family is loud (never let them tell you any different ;P ). I'm loud. That's the way we are, so trying to find a peaceful moment is a challenge... but it's not impossible.

I can do all things through Christ (Phil. 4:13).

All things includes finding peace on a pretty hectic day.
All things includes being given the strength to not yell at your family when they are being too loud.
All things includes still pouring into that person who wants nothing to do with God, because He loves them more than you do.

All things.

No matter how hectic today is for you, remember He is with you. He brings peace in the storm.

Trust and obey. All things can be done through Him and all things are for His glory and your good. (Rom. 8:28)

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