I answer with silence, prayer, and works.

The past two weeks have been crazy.

Children and teachers being murdered. 20-somethings dying of cancer. Children starving to death.

This is just in the past 2 weeks and some of the things I've seen or read about... they go on every. single. day.

I don't pretend to understand all these situations. I don't try and equal them or make them more or less important. Because truth be told, I don't understand (God does!) and I have no idea if there is any "equal" or "more important" tags in these things... I simply know that they are all of great value to the Lord.

People want hope. They need it.

I answer with silence and prayer and works.

Not because I don't have hope, I do. But because right now I think words are so cheap. Words seem worthless (though they aren't most of the time), but actions speak louder and now is the time for them (actions) to speak.

While most Americans are filling up their Christmas baskets and preparing for that special day where everyone gets a bunch of stuff... there are some Americans sitting on the side of the road praying for death because they just want a meal and a blanket.

I'm guilty of the materialism during Christmas, too. You know, finding the "perfect" gift, that's "just right" for that amazing person.*

But what about the others? What about the people who are dying with no hope at all?

Let me tell you, you can say God loves them all day long, but why don't you prove it by showing them?

James talked about that... "If a brother or sister is without clothes and lacks daily food  and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well,” but you don’t give them what the body needs, what good is it?" (2:15-16)

Seriously, what good is it?

In modern terms James is saying, "If you go up to the homeless and share Jesus with them and end it all with a hearty, "God bless you!", but you neglect to provide the needs that you are able to, what faith do you really have?"

But this is our modern Christianity.**

Books... oh so many wonderful books to read to help us grow in our faith, but do remember that as faith grows so should our works.

I'm preaching to myself.

So, if you see a lack of blogging in the next few weeks it's probably because I'm actually out in the real world doing something for His glory and the good of the people around me.

Far too much time has been spent preaching to people on Twitter and Facebook and then going out and being that shy person who cares only for herself.

Lord, forgive me.

It's time to stop sitting on our hands and actually go do something. We are capable, not on our own, but in Him. We (Christians) no longer have to fear death because we are in Him and saved... so why not go out, take risks, and go after His pursuits hardcore?

* I think there is no problem with giving gifts, in fact I think it's a beautiful action that shows love to others and says that you care about them. I think the problem is just with how obsessed people get over buying a bunch of gifts during Christmas when we're really supposed to be celebrating the greatest gift of all- Christ!

** Before some of my brothers and sisters get confused or ticked off by that statement, I do not meant that that's all Christians, but I do believe far too many people label themselves "Christian" but refuse to live the life that comes with that. See Luke 9:23.

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