Missions Is My Marriage Desire

You don’t understand.

You’re probably scratching your head and wondering, ‘what on earth is she talking about?’

Missions is my marriage desire.

So many people- girls and guys alike- are just waiting, yearning, hoping, dreaming, and orchestrating their lives to get married. It’s their "one desire". It’s what they want more than anything.

It becomes an idol.

They are willing to sacrifice their love for any and all things on this earth just to love another human being and be deemed “theirs” forever.

I feel almost as strongly about overseas missions.

I want to go so badly. So strongly. Yet, over and over again the Lord replies, “Give it to Me.”

I cry.

I tell Him how much I want to go and He says, “Hand it over. I will give you the desires of your heart once you learn to delight solely in Me.” (Ps. 37:4)

The same reasons I give for why I find it so important to not date until you are complete in Him alone and not seeking delight elsewhere are the same reasons that slapped me in the face when I refused to let go of my desire to do mission work.

Missions isn’t a place, it’s the people. It’s the things you do on the daily that matter so much. For people like me, we think it doesn’t because it seems so insignificant. But it matters... a lot.

I’ve let it go again.

Overseas missions that is.
My heart still has the desire, but the Lord isn’t leading me in that direction right now.
So with tear filled eyes, I’ll trust.

I’ll trust that His will is far better than mine because that truth has been proved over and over again.

I’ll believe that He will give me the desires of my heart when I learn to delight in Him fully.

I’ll lean on Him as I walk step by step into whatever He has for me because He alone is my strength and my portion.

This letting go is a gift. Might not feel like it or seem like it, but all good things come from the Father.

This is a good thing.


  1. Aww, hug and lots of love, dear sis! Praying for you!

  2. Praying for you sweet girl. If overseas missions is God's dream for you, it will happen in PERFECT timing with PERFECT provision. Trust in His timing and His plan, and know that you're mission where you are now is so beautiful and glorifying to Him! I love you sweet girl. Keep that lovely heart for God beating and that pretty head up.


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