The Gift Of Food - Monday Reflections

I’m so hungry. But this is for a bigger purpose.

I thought those words as I fasted a meal to pray for those who don’t know Him. I prayed that they would know Him. (Join me? *click here*)

I went a full 4 hours without any food (and for me, that’s quite the accomplishment. ;) but of course the Father helped me with it all).

4 hours.

That’s truly not that long.

After I got food and began eating, I had to stop.

How many people go days and sometimes weeks without a good meal? How many people go to sleep with growling stomachs and wake up to the same thing?

I can’t shake those thoughts.

In America, we view food as limitless. It’s always there. You don’t wake up (most of us don’t) and wonder where you’re getting your next meal. It’s all there. All ready for you to pour, heat up, or put together and enjoy.

Do we care that people are going hungry? Do we thank God that we have food and then seek to help provide others with it?

Those are just a couple questions I’m reflecting on.

Take some time to do the same and then, pray for those who have little to no food. Pray for them to not only have physical nourishment, but spiritual as well. And pray for opportunities to be His hands and feet and bring food to hungry (again, both spiritual and physical).

Happy Monday!

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